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Aarhus Symphony Orchestra CPS-8639
Alpha Choir CPS-8674
Amherst Chamber Choir CPS-8674
Arcadian Winds CPS-8728
Arctic Chamber Orchestra CPS-8656
Ars Brunensis CPS-8748
Aspen Contemporary Ensemble CPS-8701
Audubon Quartet CPS-8649
Auros Group for New Music CPS-8730
Barbad Chamber Orchestra CPS-8685
Bicinia Duo CPS-8757
Black Sea Philharmonic CPS-8648
Boston Musica Viva CPS-8613
BYU Group for New Music CPS-8712
California EAR Unit CPS-8752
Canta-Sonare CPS-8618
Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra CPS-8767
Ceruti Chamber Players CPS-8672
Chamber Choir of the Staatliche Hochschule für Music Heidelberg-Mannheim CPS-8625
Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Members of) CPS-8639
Clamores Antiqui CPS-8674
Clarion Synthesis CPS-8601
Cleveland Chamber Symphony CPS-8736
Cohen/Timmons Duo CPS-8715
The Concerto Orchestra, Bucharest CPS-8770
Concorde Contemporary Music Ensemble CPS-8640
Concordia String Trio CPS-8683
Constanta Symphony Orchestra CPS-8627
Constitution Brass CPS-8625
ConTempo Quartet CPS-8789
Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago (Members of) CPS-8639
Copenhagen Contemporary Players CPS-8633
Cracow Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra CPS-8634
Crash Ensemble CPS-8697
Cornucopia CPS-8725
Denver Brass Quintet CPS-8750
Dinosaur Annex Ensemble CPS-8616
Duo Savage CPS-8709
Emerson String Quartet CPS-8652
Empyrean Ensemble CPS-8701
Ensemble Phorminx CPS-8728
Ensemble Screamer CPS-8656
Ensemble Solarium CPS-8706
Ensemble Sospeso CPS-8770
Florida International University Concert Choir CPS-8674
Florida State University Percussion Ensemble CPS-8601
Filarmonia de Stat Transylvania CPS-8656
Franciscan Quartet CPS-8612
The Glass Orchestra CPS-8780
The Gregg Smith Singers CPS-8791
Hartt Contemporary Players (Members of) CPS-8650
Hartt Symphony Orchestra CPS-8779
Interlochen Faculty Chamber Players CPS-8736
Invert CPS-8729
Kent Philarmonia Orchestra CPS-8634
Kent Singers CPS-8731
The Lehman Percussionists, Bronx, NY CPS-8690
Lenore String Quartet CPS-8690
Louisiana State University New Music Ensemble CPS-8643
Mallarmé Chamber Players CPS-8684
McCormick Duo CPS-8721
McCormick Percussion Ensemble CPS-8705
McLean Mix CPS-8663
Memphis Woodwind Quintet CPS-8601
Meridian String Quartet CPS-8716
MFL Quartet CPS-8697
Michigan State University Brass Ensemble CPS-8639
Michigan State University Wind Symphony CPS-8653
Moravian Quartet CPS-8704
Moravian Philharmonic CPS-8731
Nevsky String Quartet CPS-8757
New Carillon Ensemble CPS-8754
New England Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble CPS-8669
New England Reed Trio CPS-8643
New Jersey Percussion Ensemble (Members of) CPS-8616
New Music Tampa Symphonic Wind Ensemble CPS-8705
New Symphony Orchestra CPS-8673
New Wind Quintet CPS-8649
New York New Music Ensemble CPS-8659
New York Virtuosi Singers CPS-8731
Next Stage Speaking Chorus CPS-8685
Northwind Quintet CPS-8683
NYU New Music Ensemble CPS-8630
Otterbein Vocal Ensemble CPS-8674
Pennsylvania String Quartet CPS-8689
Penumbra CPS-8633
Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra CPS-8634
Princeton Composers Ensemble CPS-8656
Prism Chamber Orchestra CPS-8727
Quartet 18.25 CPS-8750
Red Clay Saxophone Quartet CPS-8748
RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet CPS-8789
San Felice Contempoensemble CPS-8676
Shanghai Conservatory Jiangnan Ensemble CPS-8739
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra CPS-8662
Solaris CPS-8723
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra CPS-8656
Talujon Percussion Quartet CPS-8688
Temple New Music Trio CPS-8754
Thamyris New Music Ensemble CPS-8690
TimeTable CPS-8780
Transatlantic Reed-String Project CPS-8686
Tremont String Quartet CPS-8642
Trio Santa Fe CPS-8618
University of Illinois Trombone Ensemble CPS-8697
University of Indiana Contemporary Vocal Ensemble CPS-8725
University of Iowa Center for New Music CPS-8762
University of Maryland Flute Choir CPS-8621
University of North Dakota Concert Choir CPS-8653
University of Hawaii at Hilo Chamber Players CPS-8722
University of Hawaii at Hilo Japanese Ensemble CPS-8722
University of Washington Chorale CPS-8613
University Singers CPS-8674



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Abercrombie, E. Wayne director CPS-8674
Abner, Sharon piano, organ CPS-8710
Abramovic, Charles piano CPS-8713
Aceto, Susan piano CPS-8663
Acher, Yael conductor CPS-8768
Adelson, Michael conductor CPS-8730
Agathonos, Anna mezzo soprano CPS-8662
Agnarsson, Siguergeir cello CPS-8669
Albee, Jeananne piano CPS-8625
Albert, Heidi cello CPS-8736
Andrews, David piano CPS-8728
Andrews, Joyce soprano CPS-8720
Andrist, Audrey piano CPS-8670
Angel, Rita piano CPS-8618
Antoniou, Theodore conductor CPS-8639
Arbonelli, Guido clarinet CPS-8628
Archibald, Amber violin CPS-8748
Arias, Carlos woodblocks CPS-8639
Arnold, Jennifer viola CPS-8736
Ascher, Christina mezzo-soprano CPS-8730
Astolfi, Jeri-Mae G. piano CPS-8755
Asper, Lynn conductor CPS-8634
Assat, Georganne harp CPS-8626
Assimakopoulos, Nina flute CPS-8759
Atherton, Linda cello CPS-8736
Aubrey, John horn CPS-8728
Augenblick, John conductor CPS-8674
Auriol, Adele violin CPS-8633
Austin, James piano (inside) CPS-8626
B'Racz, Istvan MIDI keyboard system CPS-8650
Bagg, Jonathan viola CPS-8638
Balderston, Steve violincello CPS-8748
Balkin, Laura Mahan violin CPS-8642
Balkin, Richard violin CPS-8642
Ball, Mindy harp CPS-8740
Balter, Boris violin CPS-8706
Ballast, Jeff trombone CPS-8614
Bardazzi, Federico conductor CPS-8676
Barnes, Derek cello CPS-8706
Barnhart, Steve percussion CPS-8612
Barone, Marcantonio piano CPS-8654
Bartlett, Jacqueline harp CPS-8638
Barr, Frank bass voice CPS-8696
Barry III, Earnest percussion CPS-8725
Barry, Tom oboe CPS-8683
Bashkin-Karp, Margaret violin CPS-8690
Bassermann, Alex voice CPS-8625
Bauer, Ross conductor CPS-8701
Baugh-Bennett, Grace piano CPS-8672
Baune, Terie violin CPS-8701
Baytelman, Pola piano CPS-8606
Beale, Carol synthesizer CPS-8746
Beaman, Teresa mezzo soprano CPS-8632
Beaudoin, Lee flute CPS-8741
Beavon, Constance mezzo soprano CPS-8645
Becraft, Steven clarinet CPS-8726
Bednarz, Blanka violin CPS-8712
Beerman, Burton electronic clarinet, clarinet CPS-8607
Beiser, Maya cello CPS-8650
Beiner, Grant marimba CPS-8775
Belden, Sandra D. contralto CPS-8613
Belisle, Kristina clarinet CPS-8723 
Bembry, Celeste voice CPS-8724
Bengston, Matthew piano CPS-8754
Bennett, Gary bassoon CPS-8630
Bentley, Judith flute CPS-8605
Berg, Lori reader CPS-8618
Berman, Donald piano CPS-8639
Berry, Cedric bass CPS-8674
Berson, Steven cello CPS-8729
Best, Robert baritone, percussion CPS-8699
Beyer, Greg percussion CPS-8701
Bielawa, Herb piano CPS-8643
Birr, Diane piano CPS-8725
Bistritsky, Vladimir viola CPS-8781
Bithel, Thomas trumpet CPS-8656
Black, Anne viola CPS-8616
Black, Robert conductor CPS-8727
Black, Sue bassoon CPS-8650
Blackham, Brad piano CPS-8674
Blake, Emory marimba CPS-8775
Bledsoe, Helen flute CPS-8725
Blumenfeld, Jonathan oboe CPS-8706
Boatman, Timm percussion, vibraphone CPS-8740
Bocchino, Alex percussion CPS-8616
Bockley, Elizabeth soprano CPS-8787
Bognar, Joseph piano CPS-8741
Bojilov, Vesselin trumpet CPS-8673
Bokor, Judith piano CPS-8606
Bonde, Mara soprano CPS-8731
Boone, Benjamin soprano/alto sax CPS-8686
Booth, Bill trombone CPS-8696
Bostian, Carey cello CPS-8767
Bosworth, Richard piano CPS-8670
Bouton, William violin CPS-8758
Bova, Lucia harp CPS-8769
Bowen, Frank flute CPS-8618
Bowman, Paul guitar CPS-8787
Boyd-Waddell, Cheryl soprano CPS-8690
Broadway, Kenneth L. percussion CPS-8701
Bridger, Carolyn piano CPS-8609
Briedis, Peter violin CPS-8736
Bozarth, Timothy piano CPS-8725
Brett, Alan violoncello CPS-8741
Brings, Allen piano, conductor CPS-8731
Brinson, Daniel organ CPS-8776
Brittan, Paul alto flute CPS-8690
Brody, Tod flute, piccolo, alto flute CPS-8670
Brooks, Davis violin CPS-8707
Brooks, Kandace saxophone CPS-8670
Brookshire, Bradley harpsichord CPS-8679
Brough, Ron percussion CPS-8712
Broughton, Bruce conductor CPS-8740
Browning, Zack conductor CPS-8656
Brumwell, Gretchen harp CPS-8767
Brunk, Jeremy percussion CPS-8787
Bryant, David piano CPS-8654
Brydges, Margareth flute CPS-8725
Bryn-Julson, Phyllis soprano CPS-8656
Buchanan, Andrew percussion CPS-8769
Buckholz, Dawn cello CPS-8616
Buff, Carolann mezzo-soprano CPS-8674
Bugbee, Fred vibraphone CPS-8643
Bulow, Harry clarinet, alto saxophone CPS-8631
Bunke, Jerome clarinet CPS-8610
Burge, David piano CPS-8637
Burke, Kelly clarinet CPS-8684
Burns, John narrator CPS-8702
Bursack, David viola CPS-8769
Bushman, Robin violin CPS-8679
Bushong, Brian trumpet CPS-8629
Butler, Barbara trumpet, flugelhorn CPS-8657
Butters, Steven percussion CPS-8626
Cacioppo, Curt piano CPS-8734
Cadiz, Monserrat flute CPS-8631
Cahill, Brona violin CPS-8697
Calvi, Caterina alto CPS-8676
Cameron, Michael double bass CPS-8767
Campbell, Crispin cello CPS-8618
Campbell, Griffin saxophone CPS-8672
Campbell, Laura flute CPS-8631
Comparone, Elaine harpsichord CPS-8733
Caparella, Rich narrator CPS-8640
Canonici, Corrado contrabass CPS-8658
Carlsen, Mary Jo violin CPS-8633
Carrasco, Jacquie violin CPS-8656
Caviglia, Rosemary piano CPS-8649
Cegarra, Julio agogo bell CPS-8639
Chang, George Lok-yee video CPS-8739
Chang, Jocelyn harp, dilling harp CPS-8736
Chang, Lucy flute CPS-8656
Charlston, Elsa soprano CPS-8613
Charnofsky, Eric piano CPS-8736
Chasanov, Elliot conductor CPS-8697
Chaudoir, Marianne piano CPS-8672
Chen, Chung-Sheng trombone CPS-8656
Chen, Hsing-Hui ku-cheng, hsiao-luo CPS-8690
Cheramy, Michelle flute CPS-8787
Chiang, Victoria viola CPS-8656
Childs, Barney piano CPS-8609
Chinn, Genevieve piano CPS-8732
Chow, Clement cello CPS-8736
Chung, Hye-Yun harp CPS-8632
Cicillini, Angelo violin CPS-8785
Ciorei, Radu conductor CPS-8648
Cipullo, Tom piano CPS-8756
Clark, Heather flute CPS-8740
Clayton, April flute, piccolo CPS-8712
Clement, Thomas flute CPS-8787
Cobalis, Jacy double bass CPS-8748
Cohen, Allen piano CPS-8620
Cohen, Judith piano CPS-8715
Cohen, Lynette Diers bassoon CPS-8723
Coid, Marshall violin CPS-8733
Cole, Kimberly clarinet CPS-8736
Coleman, Donna piano CPS-8606
Coleman, Julie violin CPS-8746
Coloton, Diane soprano CPS-8725
Colnot, Clifford conductor CPS-8639
Colten, Bradley guitar CPS-8738
Conger, Caryl piano CPS-8624
Conington, Forrest hammered dulcimer/cymbalom CPS-8626
Conlon, Joan Catoni conductor CPS-8613
Constantinides, Dinos conductor CPS-8643
Conway, Robert piano CPS-8758
Coonrod, Michael piano CPS-8618
Cossin, David percussion CPS-8688
Costinescu, Gheorghe piano, conductor CPS-8770
Cowen, Ken organ CPS-8685
Cox, Cindy Annice piano CPS-8626
Crosby, Richard piano CPS-8671
Cruden, Nathalie viola CPS-8767
Culbreath, Wade marimba CPS-8740
Culp, Jennifer cello CPS-8670
Curry, Michael cello CPS-8616
Curtis, Elizabeth soprano CPS-8611
Crawford-Kelly, Jay voice CPS-8710
Cybriwsky, Oresta piano CPS-8646
Dailey, Steven alto saxophone CPS-8741
Daley, Margery soprano CPS-8731
Davidson, Matthew piano CPS-8774
de Le--n, Dorien cello CPS-8746
Deane, Christopher vibraphone, percussion CPS-8684
Debth, Marybrent violin CPS-8767
Dechiara, Christopher percussion CPS-8669
Dee, John oboe CPS-8621
Deemer, Rob conductor CPS-8748
Deguchi, Tomoko piano CPS-8665
Del Russo, Catherine English horn CPS-8740
Del Tredici, David piano CPS-8756
Delache-Feldman, Pascale double bass CPS-8730
Deleanu, Andrei piano CPS-8668
Delgado, Alex marimba CPS-8775
deMaine, Robert cello CPS-8689
DeMart, Jean flute CPS-8651
Dembow, Brian viola CPS-8740
Demsey, Karen flute CPS-8698
DeRusha, Stanley E. conductor CPS-8639
Dettloff, David conductor CPS-8660
Dewey, Cynthia actress CPS-8632
Diaz, Javier percussion CPS-8764
Dickie, Brendan didgeridoo CPS-8617
Dimond, Ric percussion CPS-8726
Dimrock, Nancy oboe CPS-8730
Ding, Shiau-uen piano CPS-8757
Dival, Nikki viola CPS-8736
Dobrinov, Hristo flute CPS-8673
Doherty, Matthew flute CPS-8728
Dolbashian, John bells CPS-8754
Dolezal, Darry cello CPS-8683
Dolph, Richard horn CPS-8601
Donata, Alicia Di flute CPS-8650
Donato, Dominic percussion CPS-8688
Dorer, Sally Gibson cello CPS-8621
Dotzauer, Sibylle piano CPS-8625
Dougherty, Lee soprano CPS-8613
Downing, Liz flute CPS-8702
Doyle, Patrick percussion CPS-8626
Dreisbach, Donna oboe CPS-8643
Drentzman, Ronald clarinet CPS-8650
Drew, Lucas double bass CPS-8621
Drucker, Eugene violin CPS-8652
Duke, Steve saxophone/actor CPS-8708
Duke-Kirkpatrick, Erika cello CPS-8752
Dunleavy, Christine Sabatino soprano CPS-8623
Dunn, David clarinet CPS-8650
Durham, George director CPS-8722
Durnin, Steve horn CPS-8740
Dutton, Lawrence viola CPS-8652
Dzubay, Tasha Clarinet CPS-8725
Dyke, Gary Van percussion CPS-8616
Eagleson, Linda flute CPS-8632
Easter, Wallace french horn CPS-8776
Edwards, Ronald tenor CPS-8623
Edwards, Renard viola CPS-8706
Eells, Alissa piano CPS-8675
Eldgridge, Steven piano CPS-8618
Elliot, Emily voice CPS-8710
Ellis, Kathleen Lignell narrator CPS-8682
Emerson, Bridgett Crocker flute CPS-8736
Emery, Deborah DeWolf piano CPS-8730
Engebretson, Mark baritone saxophone CPS-8748
Eret, Pavel violin CPS-8651
Errante, F. Gerard clarinet, electronic clarinet CPS-8635
Ersevim, Michael conductor CPS-8650
Erskine, Bruce flute CPS-8601
Estrin, Mitchell clarinet CPS-8701
Esty, Scott violin CPS-8746
Esuer, Alejandro flute CPS-8630
Eve, Lenora mezzo soprano CPS-8623
Everett, Steven conductor CPS-8690
Ewald, Michael trumpet CPS-8656
Fachko, Susan Kay flute CPS-8701
Fakazerly, Robert piano CPS-8606
Fancher, Susan soprano and alto saxophone CPS-8748
Fang, Stephen cello CPS-8736
Fardink, Michael piano CPS-8610
Farley, Barbara Phillips keyboard CPS-8626
Farmer, Gerald clarinet CPS-8637
Farny, Susannah viola CPS-8689
Farquhar violin CPS-8689
Farrell, Neil tenor CPS-8731
Fasteau, Kali. Z. soprano sax, ney flute, vocals CPS-8737
Fauchet, Bernard piano CPS-8633
Fearn, Kenneth piano CPS-8713
Feldman, Stephen violoncello CPS-8726
Felice, Frank   CPS-8707
Feller, Eliza trombone CPS-8697
Fennelly, Brian piano CPS-8631
Fenton, Michael viola CPS-8712
Ferguson, John piano harp CPS-8663
Ferrari, John marimba CPS-8656
Ferreira, Linda soprano CPS-8718
Fetter, Therese violin CPS-8683
Figler, Byrnell piano CPS-8606
Finckel, David cello CPS-8652
Fiore, Janice soprano CPS-8632
Fiorucci, Maria Chiara harp CPS-8798
Fischbach, Glenn cello CPS-8654
Fitzgerald, Daire cello CPS-8650
Fodor, Karen alto CPS-8685
Folio, Cynthia flute CPS-8660
Fortner, Jack conductor CPS-8656
Foster, Gary alto saxophone CPS-8696
Fowler, Kurt cello CPS-8728
Francis, Jeffrey tenor CPS-8613
Francis, Patrick guitar CPS-8787
Frank, Gabriela piano CPS-8684
Franklin, Katie piano CPS-8703
Frasche, Michael percussion CPS-8616
Frautschi, Laura violin CPS-8754
Freelon, Nnenna jazz vocalist CPS-8684
Freund, Haidee voice CPS-8710
Freivogel, J. violin CPS-8741
Friar, Megan mezzo-soprano CPS-8791
Fuller, Kim reader CPS-8693
Gabriel, Sean flute CPS-8736
Gallagher, Robert organ CPS-8713
Gallope, Michael piano CPS-8741
Ganz, Brian guitar CPS-8767
Gardenal, Fabio piano CPS-8630
Gardner, Lawrence bassoon CPS-8741
Garrison, Leonard flutes CPS-8751
Geary, Michael conductor CPS-8626
Geber, David cello CPS-8632
Gerber, Bradley flute CPS-8608
George, Chris cello CPS-8729
George, Mark piano CPS-8712
Ghezzo, Dinu piano, percussion, synthesizer CPS-8668
Ghigi, Katia violin CPS-8785
Gholson, James clarinet CPS-8601
Giambalvo, Louis actor CPS-8740
Giovanneti, Geralyn oboe, English horn CPS-8712
Giannascoli, Greg percussion CPS-8698
Gibson, Robert conductor CPS-8621
Gilweski, Steven contrabass CPS-8757
Glowacka, Wanda cello CPS-8679
Godfrey, John piano CPS-8697
Goethe, Lisa flute CPS-8675
Golan, Jeanne piano CPS-8668
Gold, Diane flute CPS-8615
Goldstein, Tom percussion CPS-8691
Goode-Castro, Helen clarinet CPS-8740
Goodhew, Lee bassoon CPS-8725
Gordy, Laura piano CPS-8690
Gosling, Stephen piano CPS-8749
Grabowski, Randy trumpet CPS-8724
Grace, Susan piano CPS-8606
Graci, Gwinnever claves CPS-8639
Graff, Steven piano CPS-8620
Graham, Jack clarinet CPS-8683
Granger, Lawrence cello CPS-8670
Greitzer, Ian clarinet CPS-8616
Grimes, Jan piano CPS-8672
Grine, James flute CPS-8672
Grinhauz, Leo cello CPS-8644
Gronningen, Ellen violin CPS-8701
Gross, Ernest clarinet CPS-8672
Grünenpült, Kirsten voice CPS-8625
Guidetti, Pamela flute CPS-8654
Gullickson, Andrea oboe CPS-8672
Gurch, Ted clarinet, bass clarinet CPS-8701
Gurov, Roumen trumpet CPS-8673
Gutman, Stephen piano CPS-8639
Guy, Larry clarinet CPS-8650
Gythfeldt, Marianne clarinet CPS-8656
Hall, Steven percussion CPS-8621
Hall, Leonore piano CPS-8758
Halloran, Jan clarinet CPS-8643
Hamilton, Linda contrabass CPS-8741
Hammons, Lee clarinet CPS-8630
Hannigan, Barry piano CPS-8631
Hannigan, Mary flute CPS-8631
Hansen, Christine flute CPS-8659
Hansen, Eric contrabass CPS-8672
Hansen, Lisa flute CPS-8644
Hansen, Phil conductor/cello CPS-8746
Hansen, Soren conductor CPS-8639
Hao, Zheng amplified ?rhoe CPS-8639
Harcombe, Elizabeth synthesizer CPS-8746
Haroutunian, Ronald bassoon CPS-8643
Harp, Ben marimba CPS-8775
Harper, Joe Dan baritone CPS-8669
Harrison, Jane oboe CPS-8728
Hasani, Adelina violin CPS-8676
Hassel, Beverly piano CPS-8720
Havlat, Radoslav violin CPS-8704
Havlík, Bedrich cello CPS-8704
Hearn, Barry trombone CPS-8697
Heaton, Roger clarinet CPS-8658
Heavner, Timothy percussion CPS-8613
Hebert, John bass CPS-8738
Heiss, John conductor CPS-8669
Heller, Marsha oboe CPS-8733
Henderson, Daniel cello CPS-8701
Henry, Gayle Martin piano CPS-8727
Henry, Marcia violin CPS-8683
Heringman, Jacob lute CPS-8787
Herman, Larry trumpet CPS-8629
Herring, David trombone CPS-8697
Hershberger, Jay piano CPS-8653
Hershman, Sue-Ellen flute CPS-8616
Heydarbeygi, Ramin conductor CPS-8685
Hill, Nancy soprano CPS-8663
Hinckley, Jaren clarinet CPS-8712
Hills, Janis Sabatino soprano CPS-8623
Hochstetter, Patricia voice CPS-8710
Hodgkinson, Randall piano CPS-8613
Hoffman, Dorotea Vismura viola CPS-8690
Hoffmann, Paul conductor, piano CPS-8691
Hogan, Sarah contrabass CPS-8725
Hogancamp, Randy marimba CPS-8683
Hoiby, Lee piano CPS-8756
Holzman, David piano CPS-8606
Horiuchi, Takuya violin CPS-8767
Hosken, Daniel conductor CPS-8730
Hou, Jerry trombone CPS-8697
Howe, Melissa viola CPS-8650
Hoyle, Ted cello CPS-8610
Hoyt, William horn CPS-8723
Hsu, Ching-I liu-chin CPS-8690
Huang, Chen-Ming erhu CPS-8690
Huff, Roberta flute CPS-8683
Hughes, Nan mezzo soprano CPS-8619
Hultgren, Craig cello CPS-8701
Hummel, George flute CPS-8621
Humphrey, Ralph drums CPS-8696
Hunt, Paul trombone CPS-8603
Hurst, Derek electonic cues CPS-8730
Hwalek, Ginger Yang piano CPS-8702
Iancu, Lucian narrator CPS-8648
Inman, P. reader CPS-8693
Innocenti, Michele piano CPS-8676
Ions, Mary Beth violin CPS-8736
Jackson, Douglas conductor CPS-8650
Jacob, Heidi conductor CPS-8706
Jacob, Jeffrey piano CPS-8631
Jahoda, Jiri violin CPS-8704
James, David cello CPS-8640
Jamner, Jeffrey piano CPS-8650
Jarvis, Peter percussion CPS-8701
Jaubert, Jeanne cello CPS-8659
Jenni, Donald Martin harpsichord CPS-8626
Jergenson, Dale conductor CPS-8791
Jernigan, Richard clarinet CPS-8632
Jeter, James bassoon CPS-8608
Jewell, Joe acoustic & electric guitar CPS-8696
Johnson, Craig conductor CPS-8674
Johnson, Gretchen harp CPS-8660
Johnson, Mark harpsichord (inside) CPS-8626
Jolles, Susan harp CPS-8644
Jones, Stephen trumpet CPS-8612
Jordan-Anders, Lee piano CPS-8604
Josheff, Peter clarinet CPS-8670
Joy, Nancy horn CPS-8643
Judy, Susan soprano CPS-8752
Justen, Gloria violin CPS-8706
Kahn, Sue Ann flute CPS-8609
Kallstrom, Michael bass CPS-8655
Kalousek, Dan choirmaster CPS-8748
Kam, Dennis piano CPS-8631
Kanazirev, Vladimir horn CPS-8673
Karp, Benjamin cello CPS-8690
Karydis, Odysseas clarinet CPS-8728
Kats, Nitza piano CPS-8748
Katseanes, Kory violin CPS-8712
Katz, Mickey violoncello CPS-8725
Kaus, Bob electric bass CPS-8737
Kawalla, Symon conductor CPS-8634
Kegelmann, Gerald conductor CPS-8625
Kelley, Melissa soprano CPS-8731
Kellock, Judith soprano CPS-8743
Kelly, Cheri Lyon violin CPS-8672
Kennedy, Daniel percussion CPS-8670
Kessner, Daniel conductor, flute CPS-8704
Kessner, Dolly Eugenio piano CPS-8704
Keusch, Elizabeth soprano CPS-8669
Key, Stephanie clarinet CPS-8730
Keyes, Christopher piano CPS-8739
Khrytchev, Dmitry violoncello CPS-8781
Kilgore, Brian groove & color percussion CPS-8740
Kim, Adrienne piano CPS-8760
Kim, AeRee piano CPS-8608
Kim, Eun-Bae flute CPS-8630
Kim, Yoon-Hae violoncello CPS-8725
Kim, Vivienne violin CPS-8679
King, Anthony reciter CPS-8634
King, Catherine mezzo-soprano CPS-8787
Kirklin, Helen viola CPS-8701
Kirkly, William bass clarinet CPS-8730
Kirkwood, James cello CPS-8642
Kirkwood, Linda Walton viola CPS-8642
Kirzinger, Robert electronic cues CPS-8730
Kitchen, Nicholas violin CPS-8684
Kitzis, Gregor violin CPS-8737
Kitzke, Jerome voice CPS-8681
Klugherz, Laura violin, viola CPS-8642
Knoll, Alexandra oboe CPS-8733
Knox, Garth viola d'amore CPS-8789
Knutson, James percussion CPS-8626
Koeli, Alicia violin CPS-8736
Koehler, William trumpet, piano CPS-8660
Koessel, Wolfram cello CPS-8716
Koide, Teri vocals CPS-8696
Kolor, Michael percussion CPS-8688
Kolor, Tom percussion CPS-8701
Koppelman, Daniel piano CPS-8690
Korisheli, Temmo tenor CPS-8674
Kossoff, David oboe CPS-8608
Kouguell, Alexander cello CPS-8644
Kraines, Thomas cello CPS-8656
Krakauer, David clarinet CPS-8619
Kramer, Jonathan cello CPS-8684
Krash, Jessica piano CPS-8747
Krause, Drew piano, CPS-8780
Krieger, Jeffrey electronic cello CPS-8650
Krieck, Arthur conductor CPS-8791
Kriek, Jeffrey tenor CPS-8754
Krueger, Karen alto CPS-8731
Kruger, Anna viola CPS-8660
Ku, Hsiao-mei violin CPS-8684
Kujala, Steve piccolo, alto flute, alto & tenor saxophone CPS-8696
Kulowitsch, Jack double bass CPS-8679
Kurkowicz, Joanna violin CPS-8712
Kusinski, John conductor CPS-722
Kuyvenhoven, Cora cello CPS-8701
Laimon, Sara piano CPS-8656
Laitman, Lori piano CPS-8756
Lamneck, Esther clarinet, tárogató, conductor CPS-8649
Lanaghan, Robert piano CPS-8616
Langsing-Simont, Lisa voice CPS-8710
Lauer, Elizabeth piano CPS-8632
Larson, Jennifer soprano CPS-8712
Lawson, Jane cello CPS-8685
LeBlois, Franck bassoon CPS-8683
Lecuona, Réne piano CPS-8728
Lee, Chia-Ho harp CPS-8656
Lee, Chin-I bassoon CPS-8656
Lee, Christopher percussion CPS-8725
Lee, Chris violin CPS-8679
Lee, HyeKyung piano CPS-8736
Lee, Kyo-Jin harp CPS-8725
Lee, Rodger trumpet CPS-8620
Lee, Shu-Fen yang-ching, dan-pi-ku CPS-8690
Lees, Timothy violin CPS-8689
Lehman, Agnieska alto CPS-8674
Lehrman, Leonard piano, harpsichord CPS-8667
Lesser, Diane oboe, english horn CPS-8703
Lessing, Wolfgang cello CPS-8728
Levine, Caren piano CPS-8687
Lewis, Mark synthesizer CPS-8630
Liao-Barnes, Meichen violin CPS-8706
Liebermann, Melinda soprano, reciter CPS-8634
Li, I-Ching violin CPS-8725
Lim, Jennifer piano CPS-8654
Lin, Hui-Kuan pipa CPS-8690
Lin, Jun-Ching violin CPS-8690
Lin, Mei-Fang piano CPS-8697
Linder, Jacques piano CPS-8669
Lindevald, April alto CPS-8754
Lipsey, Michael percussion CPS-8773
Locati, Michael violin CPS-8659
London, Edwin conductor CPS-8736
Löffler, Thomas bass clarinet CPS-8728
Loghan, Jennifer piano CPS-8741
Loghin, Florin bassoon CPS-8683
Lohan, Natasha vioce CPS-8697
Lorentz, Robin violin CPS-8752
Lortz, Mark percussion CPS-8611
Lowenstern, Michael bass clarinet, clarinet, electronics CPS-8681
Lower, Janna violin CPS-8701
Loy, Christopher Morgan piano CPS-8631
Luby, Richard violin CPS-8684
Lucarelli, Bert oboe CPS-8610
Lücke, Markus clarinet CPS-8625
Lupu, Sherban violin CPS-8711
Lynch, Raymond oboe CPS-8601
Macchi, Obretta voice CPS-8628
Mabry, Sharon voice CPS-8714
Macgowan, Clint voice CPS-8710
Machnai, Ruti cello CPS-8669
Mackey, Steven conductor CPS-8656
Macomber, Curtis violin CPS-8730
Madsen, Peter trombone CPS-8697
Magby, Jeff drumset CPS-8697
Magee, Chris trumpet CPS-8776
Maher, Robert baritone CPS-8618
Mahin, Bruce electronic wind instrument CPS-8624
Mahonske, Adam piano CPS-8611
Makara, Paul violin CPS-8603
Maki, Phil reader CPS-8693
Malakate, Stamatina soprano CPS-8662
Malazzo, John trumpet CPS-8616
Mallasch, Bernd percussion CPS-8728
Mallery, Brian trumpet CPS-8630
Mallia, John electric guitar CPS-8730
Mandat, Eric clarinet CPS-8736
Mandelbaum, Joel piano CPS-8703
Manley, William percussion CPS-8730
Mann, Chris reader CPS-8693
Maraso, Michele flute CPS-8676
Marathe, Mary alto CPS-8731
Marathe, Mukund tenor CPS-8731
Marez Oyens, Tera de piano CPS-8632
Marinos, Dimitris mandolin CPS-8626
Marruglio, Matt flute CPS-8650
Marsh, Marian soprano CPS-8643
Martin, Drew tenor CPS-8791
Martin, Laura violin CPS-8736
Martin, Lois viola CPS-8730
Mason, Daniel violin CPS-8690
Mastrogiacomo, Leonard piano CPS-8606
Mastrogiacomo, Norma piano CPS-8606
Mauro, Lucy piano CPS-8748
McCormick, Kim flute CPS-8735
McCormick, Robert percussion CPS-8775
McCoy, Scott tenor CPS-8672
McCully, Susan reader CPS-8693
McDonagh, Orla synthesizer CPS-8746
McDonald, James tenor CPS-8619
McDonald, John piano CPS-8730
McDonald, Ruth Ann piano CPS-8619
McFadden, Timothy trumpet CPS-8614
McKay Chris viola CPS-8725
McLean, Barton keyboard, clariflute, digital synthesizers,
samplers, digital processors, recorder,
live vocal processing, flexatone
McLean, Priscilla amplified piano, voice, ancient glacial rocks,
ocarinas, stereo tape, extended virtuosic
vocal techniques, violin, recorder, soprano
McLoskey, Lansing director, tenor CPS-8674
McRae, Donna soprano CPS-8618
McWorter, Brian trumpet CPS-8770
Mead, Philip piano CPS-8639
Mendez, Maz bass CPS-8674
Menzies, Mark bass CPS-8752
Mercer, Janis piano CPS-8651
Mesa, Giuliano reader CPS-8693
Mester, Jorge conducter CPS-8740
Mevlana, Asha viola CPS-8729
Meyer, Alice clarinet CPS-8660
Meyerriecks, Jeffrey guitar CPS-8621
Michel, Madelon soprano CPS-8632
Milanov, Rossen conductor CPS-8673
Miller, Lori violin CPS-8733
Miller, Mark clarinet CPS-8728
Mills, Margaret piano CPS-7832
Milton, Blair violin CPS-8748
Mimaki, Kana piano CPS-8787
Minelli, David clarinet CPS-8616
Mitchell, Jenny piano CPS-8738
Mitrano, Melanie soprano CPS-8756
Mityakov, Vladimir guitar CPS-8653
Moe, Karla flute CPS-8733
Moeckles, Melissa bassoon CPS-8710
Mogensen, René saxophone CPS-8651
Montanaro, Larisa soprano CPS-8748
Mook, Ted cello CPS-8730
Moore, David cello CPS-8631
Moore, Steven bass voice CPS-8696
Moore, Thalia cello CPS-8701
Moore, Thomas piano CPS-8621
Moravec, Paul piano CPS-8756
Morgan, Jim piano CPS-8630
Morgan, Julie soprano CPS-8685
Mullée, Marguerite director, conductor CPS-8710
Munroe de Wette, Judith piano CPS-8756
Negry, Debra baroque oboe CPS-8743
Nelson, Alice Marie mezzo soprano CPS-8632
Newell, Robert conductor CPS-8618
Nicolè, Marco guitar CPS-8701
Nikolov, Dimitar conductor CPS-8701
Nowicki, Susan piano CPS-8631
Nucciarelli, Giovanni viola CPS-8785
Nuñez, Militza maracas CPS-8639
O'Conner, Tara Helen flute CPS-8656
O'Donnell, Richard percussion CPS-8640
O'Leary, Jane director, piano CPS-8640
Ogle, Nancy Ellen soprano CPS-8702
Olkiewizc, Grzegorz flute CPS-8664
Olson, Judith piano CPS-8685
Olson, Laura harp CPS-8741
Onwood, Susan cello CPS-8672
Oprean, Cristina narrator CPS-8648
Orchard, Jennifer violin CPS-8660
Orgel, Paul piano CPS-8713
Orland, Michael Seth piano CPS-8787
Orlando, Anthony marimba CPS-8631
Orr, Kevin R. piano CPS-8701
Osuga, Thomas piano CPS-8630
Painter, Temple harpsichord CPS-8654
Parakilas, James piano CPS-8633
Parchman, Thomas clarinet CPS-8633
Parker, Charles violin CPS-8706
Penn, Carter piano CPS-8741
Perron, Jenny Piano CPS-8763
Perry-Fortner, Phyllis soprano CPS-8741
Ellsworth, Heng-Jin Park piano CPS-8712
Parwez, Akmal baritone CPS-8623
Pascal, Diane violin CPS-8660
Pascu-Radulescu, Dorel conductor CPS-8770
Patterson, Jeff trumpet CPS-8660
Paulnack, Karl piano CPS-8743
Paulsson, Anders saxophone CPS-8656
Payne, Jeff piano CPS-8746
Pelikan, Tina viola CPS-8616
Pemberton, Janet percussion CPS-8736
Pena, Mary Jo piano CPS-8736
Percoco, Salvatore trumpet CPS-8656
Pérez, Juan José turtle shell CPS-8639
Perna, Leslie viola CPS-8683
Pertout, Alex caj--n CPS-8741
Pertout, Andri?n simplified h?rmoniam CPS-8741
Petillet, Aurelien viola CPS-8748
Petty, Byron W. flute CPS-8776
Phibbs, Milton horn CPS-8608
Philibosian, Nicole soprano CPS-8618
Phillips, Kieran drumset CPS-8697
Pierce, Lisa soprano CPS-8659
Piercy, Thomas clarinet CPS-8685
Pirone, Donald piano CPS-8649
Pistilli, Angela piano CPS-7832
Pittman, Caroline flute CPS-8787
Pittman, Richard conductor CPS-8613
Platt, Rosemary piano CPS-8614
Poetzsch, Stefan violin, viola, electronics CPS-8686
Poli, Roberto piano CPS-8712
Polisoidis, Ioanna piano CPS-8787
Pololánik, Petr conductor CPS-8750
Pomeranz, Felice harp CPS-8650
Ponchione, Cayenna Rosa marimba CPS-8775
Pongracz, Andrew percussion CPS-8736
Ponzo, Mark trumpet, flugelhorn CPS-8657
Poore,Mary Elizabeth soprano CPS-8754
Pope, George flute CPS-8736
Popejoy, James percussion CPS-8626
Popper-Keizer, Rafael cello CPS-8712
Pratt, Michael conductor CPS-8656
Price, William Roger piano CPS-8751
Prokopyk, Laura violin CPS-8736
Pugh, Russell bassoon CPS-8601
Quaranta, Rocco bass trombone CPS-8697
Quigley, Roger clarinet CPS-8776
Raatz, Tamara clarinet, bass clarinet CPS-8699
Rabideau, Mark trombone CPS-8697
Rachor, David bassoon CPS-8683
Raimi, Fred cello CPS-8684
Raley, Lynn piano CPS-8659
Ranck, Gerald piano CPS-8664
Ranney, Todd baritone CPS-8723 
Rathbun, Andrew soprano saxophone CPS-8738
Raush, John percussion CPS-8632
Ravaglia, Paolo bass clarinet CPS-8769
Rawls, Scott viola CPS-8684
Ray, Vicki piano CPS-8752
Razoumova, Tatiana violin CPS-8781
Reed, Jerome piano CPS-8625
Rees, Carla alto flute CPS-8754
Regni, Albert saxophone CPS-8637
Rehfeldt, Phillip clarinet CPS-8609
Reinhardt, Alan bass CPS-8754
Reiss, Scott recorder CPS-8621
Reynolds, D'Arcy piano CPS-8725
Reynolds, Jerald narrator CPS-8735
Reznícek, Jan viola CPS-8704
Rhency, Kujit percussion CPS-8611
Rheude, Elizabeth clarinet CPS-8653
Rhodes, Dianna viola CPS-8712
Richards, Paul conductor CPS-8701
Richey, John piano CPS-8643
Richman, Helen flute CPS-8738
Richman, Lucas conductor CPS-8736
Ricks, Steven conductor CPS-8672
Ritt, Morey piano CPS-8644
Roberts, John piano CPS-8722
Robertson, Aaron contrabass CPS-8706
Robinson, Scott theremin CPS-8737
Robinson, Stephen guitar CPS-8651
Rodde, James conductor CPS-8653
Roe, Paul clarinet, bass clarinet CPS-8640
Roggen, Ann viola CPS-8650
Roi, Danielle piano CPS-8645
Root, John piano CPS-8685
Rose, Ellen Ruth viola CPS-8701
Roselletti, Alessandro piano CPS-8785
Rosenbaum, Poul piano CPS-8633
Rosenblum, Harold conductor CPS-8731
Rosenfeld, Jayn flute, piccolo CPS-8701
Rosenfeld, Peter cello CPS-8615
Rosengren, Håkan clarinet CPS-8677
Ross, Carole piano CPS-8606
Ross, Eric theremin CPS-8737
Russell, David violoncello CPS-8787
Rowe, Catherine soprano CPS-8616
Rowe, Martha soprano CPS-8643
Rozenblatt, David percussion CPS-8770
Rubin, Nathan violin CPS-8615
Rubio, Douglas guitar CPS-8767
Rudoff, Patricia Leland violin CPS-8623
Rugeles, Alfredo conductor CPS-8639
Ruskin, Abbott piano CPS-8651
Ryan, Justin voice CPS-8764
Ryan, Kerrie voice CPS-8617
Rylands, Mary Lou cello CPS-8625
Ryon, James oboe CPS-8723
Sachs, Joel piano CPS-8619
Sadilek, Elizabeth flute CPS-8660
Sadoff, Ronald piano CPS-8616
Saenz, Carlos trumpet CPS-8656
Salas, Veronica viola CPS-8733
Sämann, Gerlinde soprano CPS-8676
Sampen, John saxophone, electric saxophone CPS-8636
Santucci, David violin CPS-8730
Sasaki, Maiko clarinet CPS-8787
Sato, Eriko violin CPS-8650
Savage, Dylan piano, synthesizer CPS-8709
Savage, Susan oboe, english horn CPS-8709
Savedoff, Allen contrabassoon, bassoon CPS-8696
Saya, Mark piano CPS-8663
Saygers, Daniel trombone CPS-8629
Saygers, David tuba, bass trombone CPS-8629
Schallhammer, Brian oboe CPS-8650
Scharnberg, Kim synthesizer, conductor CPS-8740
Scarponi, Ivo cello CPS-8785
Schatz, Madeline F. conductor CPS-8656
Scheele, Dyann K. flute CPS-8626
Schendel, Amy trumpet CPS-8725
Schmidt, Thomas piano, organ CPS-8754
Schmidt, Tim baritone CPS-8787
Schmitz, Christopher trombone CPS-8683
Schimtz, Alan guitar CPS-8724
Schmitz, Eric timpani CPS-8683
Schmitz, Lee piano CPS-8683
Schneider, Zeuthen violin CPS-8633
Schoettler, Peter french horn CPS-8630
Schonthal, Ruth piano CPS-8641
Schoonmaker Rodgers, Jane soprano CPS-8757
Schrader, David piano CPS-8639
Schroeder, Carl piano CPS-8787
Schroeder, Phillip conductor, piano, synthesizer CPS-8699
Schultz, Robert tabla, percussion CPS-8730
Schulz, Robert percussion CPS-8730
Schwartz, Bernice horn CPS-8629
Schwartz, Elliott piano CPS-8633
Schween, Astrid cello CPS-8660
Seelye, Todd guitar CPS-8683
Seidenberg, Peter cello CPS-8733
Sein, Emil saxophone, clarinet, ethnic winds, wind objects CPS-8668
Sein, Julia cello CPS-8668
Self, Jim tuba CPS-8696
Seltzer, Cheryl piano CPS-8619
Seltzer, Mike trombone CPS-8616
Setzer, Philip violin CPS-8652
Sexton, Matthew percussion CPS-8701
Shapiro, Daniel piano CPS-8672
Shearer, Debra conductor CPS-8725
Shearer, Greig flute CPS-8650
Shelton, Lucy soprano CPS-8770
Shirley, George tenor CPS-8669
Shimada, Toshiyuki conductor CPS-8731
Shiuh, Claudia viola CPS-8741
Shiung, Cindy flute CPS-8630
Shoup, Rebecca Gilmore cello CPS-8684
Shrude, Marilyn piano CPS-8603
Shumway, David cello CPS-8611
Shumway, Sally viola CPS-8679
Siebert, Renée flute CPS-8727
Siegel, Merrie flute CPS-8741
Sikes, Cynthia saxophone CPS-8644
Silvano, Judi soprano CPS-8690
Simpson, Andrew Earle piano CPS-8767
Sirinian, Sebu violin CPS-8716
Sirota, Robert conductor CPS-8656
Slaato, Annette viola CPS-8633
Smale, Alan violin CPS-8640
Smart, Gary piano CPS-8612
Smart, Marilyn soprano CPS-8612
Smith, Clive electric guitar CPS-8737
Smith, Geoff electric bass guitar CPS-8660
Smith, Gregg conductor CPS-8791
Smith, Lloyd cello CPS-8615
Smith, Michael trombone CPS-8697
Smith, Patrick horn CPS-8650
Smith, Rheta piano CPS-8615
Snyder, Fran harp CPS-8659
Soderberg, Marta viola CPS-8626
Sohn, Christine violin CPS-8656
Solose, Jane piano CPS-8766
Solose, Kathlene piano CPS-8653
Solow, Jeffrey cello CPS-8660
Song, Ju-Ping piano CPS-8676
Souza, Luciana vocals CPS-8738
Spaneas, Demetrius saxophone, alto saxophone CPS-8761
Spaniol, Doug bassoon CPS-8707
Spano, Robert piano CPS-8605
Spassov, Georgy flute CPS-8673
Spirtas, Joh percussion CPS-8669
Spritzer, Evan L. bass clarinet CPS-8780
Stamm, Jared baritone CPS-8791
Starin, Stefani piccolo CPS-8701
Stark, Kathleen alto CPS-8710
St. Pierre, Donald piano CPS-8613
Staunton, Madeleine flute, piccolo CPS-8640
Steiger, Rand conductor CPS-8770
Stein, David director CPS-8674
Steinberg, Mark violin CPS-8619
Steinberger, Alan piano CPS-8696
Steinberger, Michael tenor CPS-8696
Stoddard, Martha alto flute CPS-8787
Stonefelt, Kay percussion CPS-8626
Straley, Susan Faust actress CPS-8632
Stratman, Marcia piano CPS-8613
Street, Tison violin CPS-8616
Stone, Dorothy flute CPS-8752
Stusek, Steve tenor saxophone CPS-8748
Simas, Jerome clarinet CPS-8712
Suben, Joel Eric conductor CPS-8727
Suh, Nathan trombone CPS-8697
Sullivan, Taimur alto sax CPS-8675
Sumner, Christopher clarinet CPS-8659
Sun, Cheng-Mei violin CPS-8656
Sundkvist, Petter conductor CPS-8656
Sung, Hugh piano CPS-8654
Sung, Wei-Te clarinet CPS-8656
Sunnegardh, Erika voice CPS-8703
Sutte, Jack trumpet CPS-8690
Suzano, Armenio clarinet CPS-8741
Suzuki, Rié clarinet CPS-8656
Swan, Robert viola CPS-8748
Sweger, Keith bassoon CPS-8672
Svab, Karl trumpet CPS-8630
Svabo, Jon bass voice CPS-8696
Taddie, Karen piano CPS-8736
Takao, Naoko piano CPS-8621
Tanaka, Naoko violin CPS-8610
Tarantiles, Andre harp CPS-8613
Tarleton, Michael electric guitar CPS-8787
Taylor, Brant cello CPS-8689
Taylor, Mark violin CPS-8776
Teply, Stephanie violin CPS-8748
Tharp, Stephen organ CPS-8679
Theurer, Britton trumpet CPS-8612
Thompson, Larry R. bass clarinet CPS-8615
Thompson, Rupert cello CPS-8681
Thurlow, Deborah horn CPS-8737
Thurmond, Anne clarinet CPS-8718
Thurmond, Paul piano CPS-8718
Tiemeyer, Christian conductor CPS-8767
Tietze, Larry clarinet CPS-8608
Tiller, Jim percussion CPS-8660
Timmons, Jill piano CPS-8715
Timmons, Sean trombone CPS-8697
Ting, Liuh-Wen viola CPS-8692
Tipton, Lisa violin CPS-8760
Tomaro, Robert conductor CPS-8648
Toney, Kelly Smith violin CPS-8632
Tonnu, Toyen piano CPS-8736
Townsend, Perry piano, prepared piano, conductor CPS-8685
Trede-Boettcher, Ursula harpsichord CPS-8625
Trenney, Thomas organ CPS-8736
Trent, Robert guitar CPS-8776
Trimble, William alto saxophone CPS-8670
Tritle, Tom horn CPS-8683
Troselj, Ivana voice CPS-8617
Troy, Jessica viola CPS-8716
Tsai, Paul baritone CPS-8643
Tsubato, Mitsuru violin CPS-8679
Tunick, Danny vibraphone, drumset CPS-8656
Tweed, Cara violin CPS-8736
Ullmann, David electric guitar CPS-8630
Ullner, Niels cello CPS-8633
Underhill, Janet bassoon CPS-8728
Underhill, Nicholas piano CPS-8736
Urban, Ulrich piano CPS-7832
Valek, Roman conductor CPS-8748
Valouskova, Kristyna soprano CPS-8704
van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne synthesizer CPS-8618
Vana, John saxophone CPS-8763
Veligan, Igor viola CPS-8725
Viapiano, Paul acoustic & electric guitar CPS-8740
Vincent, Janice violin CPS-8776
Vines, Mitchel piano CPS-8620
Vlad, Marius tenor CPS-8770
Vogt, Francis John tenor CPS-8702
Vohs, Christie clarinet CPS-8675
Vos, Kevin trumpet CPS-8656
Wai, Chiu Siu xiao CPS-8739
Walden, Joshua electric bass CPS-8697
Walker, Heather viola CPS-8736
Walker, Jane flute CPS-8626
Walker, Marty Bb clarinet, bass clarinet CPS-8752
Wallen, Gary percussion CPS-8730
Walters, Edward clarinet CPS-8619
Wallace, Cynthia soprano CPS-8731
Warburton, Thomas piano CPS-8684
Ward, Steven conductor CPS-8736
Wasserman, Ellen piano CPS-8615
Wassertzug, Uri viola CPS-8670
Watanabe, Shuko piano CPS-8776
Watts, Mike piano CPS-8696
Weaver, Ann cello CPS-8630
Weber, Kenneth baritone CPS-8701
Weidenaar, Reynold CPS-8601
Weiger, Mark oboe, english horn CPS-8762
Weisner, Daniel piano CPS-8651
Weiss, Lauren flute, piccolo CPS-8645
Weiss, Lisa piano CPS-8734
Werdesheim, Gary conductor CPS-8601
Werner, Susan five-string banjo CPS-8626
Westney, Ben violoncello CPS-8748
Wertsch, Nancy alto CPS-8731
Wheeler, Scott conductor CPS-8616
White, Alicia voice CPS-8707
White, John cello CPS-8609
Whitfield, John cello CPS-8656
Whittington, Tahirah cello CPS-8669
Whitwell, John conductor CPS-8653
Wiancko, Michi violin CPS-8736
Wiedrich, William conductor CPS-8705
Wiemann, Beth clarinet CPS-8702
Wiest, Gregory tenor CPS-8646
Wild, Ken acoustic & electric bass CPS-8696
Wilhelmi, Wendy flute CPS-8613
Willard, Jerry guitar CPS-8733
Williams, Helene soprano CPS-8667
Williams, Hugh flute CPS-8685
Willis, Andrew piano CPS-8609
Wilson, Anna Ludwig flute CPS-8684
Wilson, Ryan marimba CPS-8775
Wilson, Steve bass trombone CPS-8697
Winkler, Kevin celesta CPS-8656
Winn, James piano CPS-8701
Winsberg, Louis percussion CPS-8616
Winter, Veronika voice CPS-8625
Winter-Jones, Kristin flute CPS-8621
Winterbottom, Susan viola CPS-8610
Winterstein, Katherine violin CPS-8660
Witthoeft, Cornelius piano CPS-8618
Wojtera, Al percussion, vibraphone CPS-8611
Woolly, Kimberly bassoon CPS-8701
Wright, Kathryn soprano CPS-8650
Wu, Albert violin CPS-8725
Wu, Chung-Hsien dizi CPS-8690
Wu, Li-Chen percussion CPS-8656
Yager, Leda Asher soprano CPS-8684
Yamamoto, Yusuke percussion CPS-8738
Yanagita, Masako violin CPS-8610
Yancy, Chala violin CPS-8630
Yee, Helen violin CPS-8729
Yeh, Bor-Tsen percussion CPS-8656
Yerlow, Stanley piano CPS-8757
Ying, Leung Oi zheng CPS-8739
Young, Richard viola CPS-8660
Zahab, Roger violin CPS-8639
Zannini, Paulo piano CPS-8628
Zeigler, Jeffrey cello CPS-8660
Zeiher, Charlotte soprano CPS-8676
Zello, Chris clarinet CPS-8672
Zimmerman, Christopher conductor CPS-8779
Zingara, James trumpet CPS-8656
Zubrycki, Robert violin CPS-8733
Zupko, Misha piano/celesta CPS-8725
Zumsteg, Julie violoncello CPS-8612
Zuraw, Michael piano CPS-8643
Zurria, Manuel flute, piccolo CPS-8769