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Thomas Delio & James Dashow

Music by two distinguished composers known for their contributions to computer-generated tape music as well as music for acoustic instruments. Featured performers are Tom Goldstein, Paul Hoffmann, Constance Beavon, Lucia Bova, Lauren Weiss and Daniele Roi.

Compositions: Music of Thomas Delio - "though, on" for computer-generated tape; "as though" for solo percussion; "so again" for computer-generated tape; "not" for percussion and piano; "...a different liquid" for computer-generated tape; "to make/-as/in-" for computer-generated tape. Music of James Dashow - Songs from a Spiral Tree for mezzo-soprano, flute and harp; First Tangent to the Given Curve for piano and computer.



Allen Brings: Music da Camera

A variety of works for solo instruments and small chamber ensembles featuring Lisa Hansen, flute, Susan Jolles, harp, Cynthia Sikes, alto saxophone, Alexander Kougell and Leo Grinhauz, cellists, Morey Ritt, Donald Pirone and Allen Brings, pianists, and members of the Meridian String Quartet.

Compositions: Fantasie for flute and harp; Fantasy Piece for piano, four-hands; Chimeric Fantasy for saxophone, cello and piano; Sonata da chiesa for solo cello; Trio for violin, viola and cello.





Number ten in a series of recordings featuring members of the Society of Composers, Inc. A variety of styles and media are represented, performed by new music specialists.

Compositions: Herb Bielawa - Stone Settings for voice and piano; Hayg Boyadjian - Googleegoo for oboe, clarinet and bassoon; for soprano and tape; Charles Bestor - Of Times and Their Places for voice and piano; John Richey - Variations for Piano; Warner Hutchison - Poe-Songs for voice and horn; Ling Chao Chen - Echo for tenor and chamber orchestra.



Dexter Morrill: Music for Strings

Early works for acoustic instruments by a pioneer of electro-acoustic music featuring performances by the Tremont String Quartet and the Klugherz-Timmons Duo.

Compositions: Dance Bagatelles for viola and piano, String Quartet no.2, Fantasy for solo violoncello, and Three Lyric Pieces for violin and piano.




Esther Lamneck: Diverse Settings

Composition for solo clarinet, clarinet and piano and clarinet and tape written for and performed by renown clarinet virtuoso, Esther Lamneck.

Compositions: Ruth Schonthal - Bells of Sarajevo; Ron Mazurek - Satori; Dinu Ghezzo - Sound Etchings; Eun-Bae Kim - Sounds of Pusan; Marc Antonio Consoli - Sciuri Novi III; Barbara Jazwinski - Visions; Leo Kraft - No Time Like This Time.



Celtic Connections

The premiere Irish new music ensemble, Concorde, performs music of Jane O'Leary, Hilary Tann and Nicola LeFanu.

Compositions: O'Leary - Silenzio della Terra for flute and percussion, and Duo for Violin and cello; Tann-Of Erthe and Air for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet and percussion, and The Cresset Stone for violin; LeFanu- Trio I for flute/piccolo, cello and percussion.




"Grand Designs"

Number 9 in the Society of Composers series. This recording features compositions for large ensembles (or which create the illusion through use of electronic effects) by composers Charles Argersinger, Daniel McCarthy, Emilio Mendoza, Laura Elise Schwendinger, James Lentini and Brian Bevelander.

Compositions: Argersinger-Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra; McCarthy-Harmonizer for Violin and Synthesizer; Mendoza-RainForest for Percussion Ensemble; Schwendinger-Chamber Concerto for Piano and Orchestra; Lentini-Music for Brass; Bevelander-Synthecisms no. 4 for Two Pianos, Orchestra and Tape.



The Mallarmé Chamber Players: Music Among Friends

The Mallarme Chamber Players performs music for harp, flute and strings by Arnold Bax, Dan Locklair, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Jan Bach.

Compositions: Bax-Elegiac Trio; Locklair-A Dance Suite for Flute, Viola and Harp; Castelnuovo-Tedesco - Sonata for Cello and Harp. Op. 208; Bach-Eisteddfod.




The Electronic Performer:
Music of Barton and Priscilla McLean

Original compositions for acoustic instruments and tape.

Compositions: Priscilla McLean-The Inner Universe and Where the Wild Geese Go; Barton McLean-Dimensions II for Piano and Tape, Dawn Chorus, and Dimensions Ill for Alto Saxophone and Tape.

Assisting artists: David Burge, piano and Albert Regni, alto saxophone.



The Electric Saxophone

Saxophonist John Sampen plays music for saxophone and tape by John Cage, Joan Tower, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Marilyn Shrude, Pablo Furman, Mark Bunce and James Mobberly.

Compositions: Tower - Wings; Cage-Four 5; Ussachevsky- Mimicry; Shrude-Drifting Over a Red Place; Furman-Music for Alto Saxophone and Tape; Bunce-Waterwings; Mobberly-Spontaneous Combustion.




Shadows of Ancient Dreams

Clarinetist F. Gerard Errante plays music of F. Gerard Errante, Charles Bestor, Robert Scott Thompson, Todd Winkler, Douglas Quin and Michael Lowenstern.

Composition: Errante-Shadows of Ancient Dreams; Bestor-Conversations with Myself, Thompson-Canto (de Los Sombras); Winkler-Snake Charmer; Quin-Yasashii Kaze; Lowenstern-Milk Teeth.



"...And the Eagle Flies..." • New American Orchestra Music

Compositions: Brooks-Seascape and Landscape. . .with Grace; Austin-Wilderness Symphony; F. Diarta Angeli-Sta Peste, with the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Joel Suben, conducting; the Kent Philharmonia Orchestra, Lynn Asper, conducting; the Cracow Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, Symon Kawalla, conducting and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Joel Suben, conducting.




Dream Music: Chamber Works of Elliott Schwarz

Four chamber works by internationally known composer Elliott Schwartz.

Compositions: Memorial in Two Parts, Adele Auriol, violin and Bernard Fauchet, piano; A Garden for RKB, members of the PENUMBRA ensemble, Mary Jo Carlsen, violin, Thomas Parchman, clarinet, James Parakilas, piano; Four Maine Haiku, Elliott Schwartz, piano; Dream Music with Variations, COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY PLAYERS, Zuethen Schneider, violin, Annette Slaato,viola, Niels Ullner, cello, and Poul Rosenbaum, piano



"Intimate Thoughts"

Number 5 in the Society of Composers series. This recording features a complete chamber opera by Dinos Constantinides and vocal works by Elizabeth Lauer, Donna Kelly Eastman, Tera de Marez Oyens and Curt Cacioppo.

Compositions: Constantinides-Intimations; Lauer-Seven Songs on Poems of James Joyce; Eastman-Just Us; Marez Oyens-Three Hymns; Cacioppo-Wolf.

(SCI CD No. 8)




Number 7 in the Society of Composers series. This recording features compositions for solo instruments and small ensembles by Jackson Hill, Jan Krzywicki, Dennis Kam, Alex Lubet, Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy, Harry Bulow and Brian Fennelly.

Compositions: Hill-Rhapsody; Krzywicki-Snow Night; Kam-Fantasy Variations; Lubet-Shabbat Shalom; Fairlie-Kennedy-Windrider/Final Ascent; Bulow-Contours; Fennelly-Scintilla Prisca.


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