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Number 13 in the Society of Composers, Inc. Series and features String Quartet no.2 by Mark Phillips, Songs Without Words by Jeremy Beck, Duo Concertante for Viola and Piano by Edward J . Miller, Palindrome Variations: Version for Flute, Cello and Piano by Paul A. Epstein, and Bantam Masai by Robert Eidschun.

(SCI CD No. 13)



James Dashow : Music for Small Ensembles

Featuring A Sheaf of Time, septet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, harp, piano, and percussion performed by HELIX! New Music Ensemble, conducted by Paul Hoffman; Oro, Argento & Legno for flute and computer, with Manuel Zurria, flute; and Ashberry Setting for soprano, flute, and piano performed by the New York New Music Ensemble.




Music for solo clarinet, solo contrabass, clarinet and contrabass duo and clarinet, contrabass and synthesizer performed by Roger Heaton, clarinet and Corrado Canonici, contrabass, assisted by Dinu Ghezzo on synthesizer.

Compositions: Chianan Yen - Clone for clarinet and contrabass; Youngmi Ha - By the Blue Shore for clarinet and contrabass; Ji Young Jung - Garak for solo clarinet; John Gilbert - Excursions and Diversions for clarinet and contrabass; Ronald Mazurek - Maiastra for contrabass and tape; William Toutant - Anagrams and Aphorisms for clarinet and contrabass; Riccardo Santoboni - Kaddil for solo contrabass; Carlos Delgado - Night Scenes for clarinet and contrabass and Dinu Ghezzo - Eyes of Cassandra for clarinets, contrabass, synthesizer and tape.




Dexter Morrill: Music for Trumpets

Music for trumpet solo, trumpet duo, trumpet and computer and trumpet and orchestra performed by Mark Ponzo, assisted by Barbara Butler and William Koehler.

Compositions: Ponzo for two trumpets, Nine Pieces for solo trumpet, TARR for four trumpets and cooputer, Studies for trumpet and computer and Trumpet Concerto.





Number 12 in the Society of Composers, Inc. Series. This recording features works for large ensembles by Jack Fortner, Jonathan Sheffer, Ann S, Hankinson, Morris Moshe Cotel, James Neng-Hsien Ho, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez and Zack Browning.

Compositions: Jack Fortner - Symphonies; Jonathan Sheffer -Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Orchestra; Ann S. Hankinson -light/shadow for orchestra; Morris Moshe Cotel - Five Quatrains for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble; James Neng-Hsien Ho - Bon for chamber ensemble; Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez - M.E. in Memoriam for chamber ensemble and Zack Browning - Breakpoint Screamer for five trumpets and tape.

(SCI CD No. 12)



Michael Kallstrom : Stories

A chamber opera for solo performer with puppets and electronic tape based on Old Testament stories from the King James Bible with original text by the composer performed by Michael Kallstrom.



Harold Boatrite: Sonatas and Suites

Chamber works and solo compositions by distinguished American composer, Harold Boatrite, performed by Pamela Giudetti, flute, Glenn Fischbach, cello, pianists Marcantonio Barone, Jennifer Lim, Hugh Sung, David Bryant and Temple Painter, and harpsichordist Temple Painter.

Compositions: Sonata for Flute and Piano, Lyric Suite for Piano, Sonata for Cello and Piano, Seven Miniatures for Piano, Sonata-Fantasia for Harpsichord, Sonata for Piano and Suite for Harpsichord.




"Kaleidoscope": Music of James Fry

A collection of works for various ensembles and soloists.

Compositions: Kaleidoscope for clarinet and piano, Twelve Studies for piano, Impressions for guitar, Gloria for SATB chorus and piano duo, Drift of the Eastern Gray for piano duo and Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble.



"Monsterslayer" • Music of Curt Cacioppo

Music for piano and string quartet paying homage to Native American culture featuring Curt Cacioppo, pianist and the Emerson String Quartet.

Compositions: America: a prayer; Angelus; Old Petitions and Pawnee Preludes for piano, performed by the composer and Nayenezgani (Slayer of Monsters) performed by the Emerson String Quartet.




"Chamber Works"

Number eleven in the Society of Composers Inc. series. This recording features works for solo instruments and chamber ensembles by Brian Belet, Andrew Rindfleisch, Kari Henrik Juusela, Carlos Delgado, David Epstein and Alexandre Rudajev.

Compositions: Belet - Four Proportional Preludes for piano; Rindfleisch - Tears for solo flute; Juusela - Ilta Pala(a) for solo guitar; Delgado - Fugaz for tenor saxophone and tape; Epstein - Piano Variations and Rudajev - Sonate pour piano et violon. SCI no.11.



A Concert of Music by Connecticut Composers, Inc.

Chamber and vocal music for various combinations selected from the membership of the Connecticut Composers, Inc., an organization of professional composers living and/or working in Connecticut.

Compositions: William Penn - Chamber Music II for cello and piano; Stephen Gryc - Five American Portraits for Five Wind Instruments; Ken Steen - While Conscience Slept for flute, clarinet, electronic cello, MIDI keyboard and conductor; Robert Dix - Lyric Quartet for Clarinet and Strings; Arthur Welwood - The Breath Inside the Breath for soprano, flute, viola, and harp.




Partitas and More: Music of Leo Kraft

A chronical of the composer's musical evolution featuring chamber works and an early composition for piano four-hands and tape. Performers include Donald Pirone, Rosemary Cavaglia, Allen Brings and Genevieve Chinn, pianists, Esther Lamneck, clarinettist, the Audobon Quartet and the New Wind Quintet.

Compositions: Partita no.1 for piano; String Quartet no.2; Five Pieces for Clarinet and Piano; Partita no.3 for Wind Quintet and Antiphonies: Four Pieces for Piano Four-Hands and Tape.



Black Sea idyll • New American Orchestral Music

The Black Sea Philharmonic performs new works by American composers conducted by Radu Ciorei, Robert Tomaro and Daniel Kessner.

Compositions: Tom Flaherty - Intrada; Dinos Constantinides -Dedications for Orchestra; William Toutant - Arcanae and Peregrinations II; Robert Tomaro - Celestial Navigation; Carson Rothrock - Vertigo--Scherzo for Orchestra; Daniel Kessner - Images of Romania.




Helene Williams Sings Songs of Love

Helene Williams, soprano, sings songs of love by members of the Long Island Composers Alliance, accompanied at the piano by Leonard Lehrman.

Compositions: Leonard Lehrman - Five Songs, Two Christina Rossetti Songs, An Edith Segal Love Song Cycle, and An Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Love Song Cycle; Albert Tepper - Three Shakespeare Songs; Jeanne Singer - A Cycle of Love; Adele Berk - Three Songs; Elie Siegmeister - Two Songs; Mira J. Spektor - Call Me.



Time Marches On; More America Songs

New American song cycles performed by tenor, Gregory Wiest and pianist, Oresta Cybriwsky.

Compositions: Norman Mathews - Songs of the Poet; Joelle Wallach - up into the silence; Corey Field - Three Yeats Songs; Elizabeth Austin - A Birthday Bouquet; Stephen Wilcox - Facing the Moon; Paul A. Epstein - BirdSongs; Ronald Perera - Songs from Sleep Now.



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