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Disc No. 16 from the Society of Composers, Inc. Compositions: James Curnow - On Poems of John Keats; Lori Dobbins - Sketches for Silvano; Keith Kothman - Surface Inventions; Steven Everett - Another Reunion; Chihchun Chi-sun Lee - Liam-Hiong; Paul Rudy - ...and every island and mountain were moved from their place....




Shadow, Sighs and Songs of Longing

Works by Joelle Wallach: String Quartet 1986; String Quartet 1995; String Quartet 1999; Shadow, Sighs and Songs of Longing, a concerto for 'cello and orchestra.


Talujon Percussion Quartet
...the speed of passing time...

Compositions: Lou Harrison - Fugue; Iannis Xenakis - Okho; Frederic Rzewski - Coming Together; Talujon - Fear of Dancing; Ralph Shapey - Interchange.




Flowers from a Seret Admirer

Original Piano Works composed and performed by Caren Levine: Carrot-Flavored Kool Aid; When you were mine; Consolation No. 1; Flowers from a Secret Admirer; Mood in D; David's Waltz; Consolation No. 2; Coffee Boogie; Kaleidosope; Ever so gently; Forever; Fuego.


eastbound-westbound ostwärts-westwärts

Original works composed and performed by Stefan Poetzsch and Benjamin Boone of The Transatlantic Reed-String Project: Inner Jungle; Sista's Making Biscuits; Minimal Meets Jazz; After The Fall; Reed String Meeting I; Peace After; Wind and Wood; Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's); I Can't Get Started; Trail Of Tears; Quest I; Almost Too Happy; Reed String Meeting II; Quest II; After Dinner; In The Sun In Texas.



No Suggestion of Silence - music by Perry Townsend

Compositions: Frontispiece; The Jester Sings (an elegy); Don't Ride Off; Nightvision; Suite for Prepared Piano; Laudate Dominum; Episodes for Piano; Kaleidostrophe.


It Won't Be the Same River

Double Disk featuring the Mallarmé Chamber Players. Compositions: Raimi - Scherzos and Songs; Kouneva - It Won't Be the Same River; Hannay - Modes of Discourse; Anderson - 7 cabaret Songs; Frank - Rios Profundos: Música para Violoncello y Piano; Scearce - American Triptych.



90's Time Flow

Chamber music by Alan Schmitz. Compositions: Allegro for Wind Quintet; Dance and Dream Sequence for Guitar; String Trio; March and Serenade for Trombone and Piano; Spiritual Excursion for Viola, Vibraphone, and Timpani; Bassoon Trio; Song and Dance for Violin and Marimba; Love in the Western World for Voice and Piano.


A Different Slant of Light

The poetry of Emily Dickinson set to music by Cary John Franklin, Robert Greenlee, William Roy, Aaron Copland, William Goldberg, Richard Pearson Thomas, Brian Banks, Earl George, Ethan Haimo, Donald Betts, Ken Langer, Beth Wiemann, Dave Aperans, and John Duke. Features Nancy Ellen Ogle, soprano, and Ginger Yang Hwalek, piano.



"1985" - Music of Michael Lowenstern

Compositions: 1985; King Friday; At the Refrain; Coming Together; Pushing Up Daisies; Blackbird; Teachable Moment; Three Poems by James Hazard: 1954, A Simple Memoriam for my Father, Negroes in Whiting, Indiana.


On the Highwire:
Piano Rags, Waltzes and Tangos by Donald Ashwander

Featuring Matthew Davidson at the piano. Compositions: On the Highwire; Forgotten Ballrooms; Perdido Bay Moon Rag; Mobile Carnival Rag-Tango; Voodoo Queen; Waterloo Rag; Sunday Night, Manhattan; Empty Porches; Friday Night; Astor Place Rag-Waltz; The Brooklyn Stop and Start; Old Streets; Business in Town; Evanescence; We Danced; Peacock Colors.



Music for Keyboard Instruments by Allen Brings

Compositions: Five Pieces; Tre esercizi; Sonatine; Six Praeludia; Concerto da camera No. 4.


Overtone Music - Hubert S. Howe, Jr.

Compositions: Timbre Study No. 5; Improvisation No. 2; Improvisation No. 3; Improvisation No. 4; Cacaphony.



Solaris - American Quintets

Compositions: George Gershwin - Three Preludes; Samuel Barber - Summer Music; Leonard Bernstein - Anniversaries; Henry Cowell - Suite for Woodwind Quintet; Jack Gallagher - Ancient Evenings & Distant Music; Roger Zahab - you offending kiss; Nikola Resanovic - The Golden Canon.

"There's no doubt that the group's playing is out of this world." - The Plain Dealer



Andrea Cavallari: Self Portrait

Compositions: Fantasia Per Flauto; Selfportrait; Magnificent; Achrome; Ritratti; Passages; Red Is... Red, Red, Red; Anguish; Red as a Song; Red Jazz; Five; f Re om; Untitled; Eight.



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