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Music for Tamtams Played by Dominic Donato

Available on TownHall

Catalog Number: CPS-8796
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 68:52
Release Date: 2008

Track Listing & Audio Samples

    John Cage
  1. One (1990) (7:00)
    Version for large Paiste Symphonic gong played with 10 different beaters
    Stuart Jones
  2. Transmogrifications IV (2002) (8:47)
    For three Chau gongs and computer-generated sounds
    James Tenney
  3. For Percussion Perhaps, Or... (Night) (1971) (12:48)
    Version for inverted Chau gong, suspended Paiste gong and Electrix Repeater
    Peter Jarvis
  4. Metallic Music (2005) (3:32)
    A Serenade for Six Gongs
    Dominic Donato
  5. Slip (2002) (12:12)
    For large amplified Paiste Symphonic gong and Electrix Repeater
    Dominic Donato
  6. Hum (1997) (15:08)
    Quartet for large Paiste Symphonic gong, large Chau gong, two double cymbals
    Elizabeth Hoffman
  7. Metalmorphosis (2004) (9:25)
    For inverted Chau and Peking Opera gongs and suspended Paiste gong