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Gheorghe Costinescu
A Live Retrospective: 19522002

Available on TownHall

Catalog Number: CPS-8770
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 77:11
Release Date: 2007

The Ensemble Sospeso
The Antifonia Chorus
The Lehman Percussionists
The Concerto Orchestra

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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1. Evolving Cycle of Two-Part Modal Inventions for Piano (1964) (14:00)
    Introductory One-Part Invention, Six Two-Part Inventions
Stephen Gosling, piano
2. Sonata for Violin and Piano: 2nd Movement (1959) (5:17)
    Sherban Lupu, violin; Gheorghe Costinescu, piano
3. Voices Within for solo violin (1989) (10:24)
    Sherban Lupu, violin
4. Why Do You Wail... / Ce Te Legeni... for soprano and piano (2002) (7:37)
    Lucy Shelton, soprano; Gheorghe Costinescu, piano
5. Three Early Songs for soprano and piano (1952, 1956) (5:50)
    Three Angels (1952)
Look Up at Me! (1956)
Hand in Hand Two Children Wandered… (1956)
Lucy Shelton, soprano; Gheorghe Costinescu, piano
6. Jubilus for soprano, trumpet, and percussive body sounds (1984) (9:29)
    The Ensemble Sospeso, New York City: Lucy Shelton, soprano; Brian McWhorter, trumpet; David Rozenblatt, percussion; Gheorghe Costinescu, conductor
7. Past Are the Years... / Trecut-au Anii... for tenor and vocal ensemble (1969) (11:18)
    Marius Vlad, tenor; The Antifonia Chorus, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Gheorghe Costinescu, conductor
8. Pantomime for chamber orchestra, excerpt—the last 6:12 minutes (1972, 1994) (6:12)
    The Ensemble Sospeso, New York City; Rand Steiger, conductor
9. One Minute Tribute: 9/11/2001 for four percussionists (2002) (1:00)
    The Lehman Percussionists, Bronx, NY; Gheorghe Costinescu, conductor
10. Paragon 2000: a celebration for orchestra (2000) (6:04)
    The Concerto Orchestra, Bucharest, Romania; Dorel Pascu-Radulescu, conductor