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Radial Matrix
multi-dimensional electroacoustic music

Cover Art: Ellen Berger

Available on TownHall

Catalog Number: CPS-8769
Audio Format: DVD 5.1 Surround Sound
Playing Time: 96:34
Release Date: 2006

by James Dashow, Richard Karpen, Scott A. Wyatt

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    James Dashow
1. ...at other times, the distances (12:38)
    quadraphonic electronic music
Prix Magistére, 30th Festival International de Musique et
d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques, Bourges, France
    James Dashow
2. Messages from Ortigia (17:07)
    for bass flute (doubling alto), bass clarinet,
viola, harp and hexaphonic electronic sounds
     Manuel Zurria, bass and alto flute
     Paolo Ravaglia, bass clarinet
     David Bursack, viola
     Lucia Bova, harp
commissioned by and recorded with the aid of a grant
from the Harvard Musical Association of Boston
    Richard Karpen
3. Camera Cantorum (12:40)
    computer-realized sound
commissioned by l’Institut International de Musique
Electroacoustique de Bourges, France
    Richard Karpen
4. The Other (26:55)
    computer-realized sound
commissioned by Glasgow University, Scotland
    Scott A. Wyatt
5. In the Arms of Peril (2001) (10:00)
    electroacoustic music designed for eight-channel performance
    Scott A. Wyatt
6. Time Mark (1983, revised 2000) (8:48)
    composition for solo percussion with electroacoustic music
Andrew Buchanan, percussion
commissioned by percussionist Kathleen Kastner
    Scott A. Wyatt
7. On a Roll (2004) (8:26)
    electroacoustic music designed for eight-channel performance