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A Fiery and Still Night
Chamber Music by Andrew Earle Simpson

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Catalog Number: CPS-8767
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 59:31
Release Date: 2006

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Flower-Terrible Memories, for piano solo
1. Stars (6:28)
2. the feet of april (5:02)

3. gunsnbutter ballet (4:00)
    Brian Ganz, piano
4. Cloisters, for Guitar solo (11:41)
    Douglas Rubio, guitar
    Applets, for double bass and piano
5. Slowly - Somewhat Faster (7:29)
6. Fast - Driving (6:26)
    Michael Cameron, double bass;
Andrew Earle Simpson, piano
    Four Views of Pompeii, for string quartet and harp
7. Vast Airy Mansions (3:22)
8. A Curious Story (3:17)
9. Polychrome Elegy (5:37)
10. Nero and the Golden House (5:59)
    Musicians from the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra;
Christian Tiemeyer, Music Director and Conductor;
Takuya Horiuchi and Marybrent Debth, violins;
Nathalie Cruden, viola; Carey Bostian, cello;
Gretchen Brumwell, harp