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New Voices: Contemporary American Piano Music
Jeffrey Jacob, piano

Available on TownHall

Catalog Number: CPS-8765
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 62:00
Release Date: 2006

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Ethan Haimo
1. Dialectics for Piano (8:37)
    David Crumb
2. Piano Sonata (10:39)
    Charles Bestor
    Piano Sontata no. 2: Thirteen Other Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

3. One (1:32)
4. Two (0:09)
5. Three (0:37)
6. Four (1:31)
7. Five (0:59)
8. Six (1:48)
9. Seven (1:21)
10. Eight (0:39)
11. Nine (0:55)
12. Ten (0:12)
13. Eleven (0:28)
14. Twelve (1:20)
15. Thirteen (1:36)
    Paul SanGregory
    Time Preludes
16. One (4:06)
17. Two (4:20)
18. Three (5:05)
19. Four (3:35)
    David Cleary
    Seven Bagatelles
20. One (1:43)
21. Two (0:49)
22. Three (0:41)
23. Four (1:07)
24. Five (2:23)
25. Six (1:47)
26. Seven (3:36)



American Record Guide
July/August 2006
by Sullivan

"Judging from this recording, there is a non-tonal school of American piano composers committed to stillness and self-abnegation. We hear spectral echoes of Webern, Crumb, and Feldman, though the gestures are strikingly individual. Linda Dusman's States and Suite Sweet Errata are miniatures inspired by her memories of teenage emotional states and the behavior of her 6-month old son. Perhaps because they are grounded in basic human experience, these abstract, designer pieces are appealing.

Based on silence and discontinuity, Thomas Delio's Test, 'Though,' and 'Transparent Wave' are ghostly wisps of sound enclosed by periods of nothingness - brief life spans sliding in and out of oblivion. Wesley Fuller's Panels evokes the paintings of Francis Bacon through sonorities lying at the extremes of the keyboard; his attenuated Variations, made softer yet by an extended depression of the damper pedal, is dedicated to Jacques Linder, a champion of contemporary piano music, who plays all these ghostly pieces with otherworldly restraint. The intimate, close-up recording captures every sigh and whisper."