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Twentieth Century American Music
Albright Daugherty Davidovsky Gompper Zahler

Available on TownHall

Catalog Number: CPS-8762
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 70:27
Release Date: 2006

The University of Iowa Center for New Music

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    William Albright
    Abiding Passions
1. Stage One: Awakening (3:32)
2. Stage Two: Ardor (5:06)
3. Stage Three: Play by Play (2:42)
4. Stage Four: Loss (4:41)
    Mario Davidovsky
5. Flashbacks (10:49)
    Bernard Rands
6. Concertino (16:13)
    Mark Weiger, oboe
    Noel Zahler
7. Agarttha (8:43)
    Michael Daugherty
8. Sinatra Shag (4:34)
    David K. Gompper
9. Don't Go There! (7:08)
    David K. Gompper
10. Finnegan's Wake (7:08)
    Andrew Carlson, violin
    David Gompper, piano