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Jessica Krash
Obstructed View, new works for solo piano

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Catalog Number: CPS-8747
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 69:00
Release Date: 2005

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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1. Fog (36:26)
    Details at 11
2. Details at 11 (5:28)
3. Our Far-flung Correspondent (4:06)
4. Traffic and Weather Together on the 8s (1:10)
5. public/private (4:20)
    Civil Rites
6. Fever (5:59)
7. PTA (2:33)
8. Mother From Another Planet (2:21)
9. Undisclosed Location (3:08)
10. Claudia's Little Apocalypse (1:16)
11. Minute Waltz (1:31)



We're in Gluck! Little-Performed 'Paride' Returns
The Washington Post - By Tim Page

The Washington-based pianist and composer Jessica Krash has a new recording on the Capstone label. "Obstructed View: New Works for Solo Piano" is a deft, challenging and eclectic set of pieces that range from a half-hour-long evocation of "Fog" to a collection of (mostly) miniatures titled "Civil Rites" that manages to combine politics and music in a manner that does justice to both. Krash has a playful sense of humor and gives her works titles such as "Mother From Another Planet" and "Claudia's Little Apocalypse"; her program notes for a piece called "Our Far-Flung Correspondent" refer to "the New Yorker columns of the same title, and my desire to travel to exotic places, recognizing that they may be buggy."

Tickling the Postclassic Ivories
By Kyle Gann

"... "Fog" by pianist composer Jessica Krash [is] a piano dream in which memes from music history bump into each other - including a major third that keeps trying to turn into Schoenberg's Op. 19, and never does. It's been awhile since I've discovered a new composer so far out of left field as the aptly-named Krash."