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Society of Composers, Inc.

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Catalog Number: CPS-8741
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 56:16
Release Date: 2004

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Lewis Nielson
1. White Vision (the horizon divides) (12:08 BMI)
    J. Freivogel, violin; Michael Gallope, piano
    Jack Fortner: S pr ING (9:00 ASCAP)
2. first robin the; (2:36)
3. in Just- (2:00)
4. because it's (1:36)
5. Now i lay(witheverywhere around) (6:15)
    Phyllis Perry-Fortner, soprano
    Jack Fortner, conducter
    David Congo
6. Chronos II (5:52) - computer music
    Gregory Hutter: Three Pieces (8:20 ASCAP)
7. Dialogue
8. Aria
9. Ostinato
    Armenio Suzano, clarinet; Carter Penn, piano

Arthur Gottschalk

10. Country Variants (4:42 ASCAP)
    Merrie Siegal, flute
    Stephen Wilcox: Lego Dominatrix (5:32 ASCAP)
11. Radio Flyer (0:57)
12. Etcha-Sketch (0:46)
13. Ant Farm (0:56)
14. Pogo-Stick (1:16)
15. Kung-Fu Grip (1:34)
    Joseph Bognar, piano
    Andrián Pertout
16. Görüsmeler (6:19 APRA)
    Zheng Hao, amplified èrhú; Andrián Pertout,
    sampled hârmoniam; Alex partout, cajón;
    Savador Persico, bombo


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