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Of Time and Place
Prominent Voices in New Chamber Music from One Generation and Three Countries

Cover Design: planettheo.com

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Catalog Number: CPS-8728
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 53:59
Release Date: 2003

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    C. P. First
    Intimate Voices
1. Movement 1 (8:05)
2. Movement 2 (6:03)
3. Movement 3 (2:25)
    Davis Brooks, violin
    Kurt Fowler, cello
    Réne Lecuona, piano
    Stefan Hakenberg
4. Cube (7:39)
    Ensemble Phorminx
    Wolfgang Lessing, cello
    Thomas Löffler, bass clarinet
    Bernd Mallasch, percussion
    Michalis Lapidakis
5. Akira's Dream (11:39)
    Odysseas Karydis, clarinet
    Stefan Hakenberg
6. Wild Landscape and Underbrush (10:32)
    Arcadian Winds
    Matthew Doherty, flute
    Jane Harrison, oboe
    Mark Miller, clarinet
    John Aubrey, horn
    Janet Underhill, bassoon
    C. P. First
7. Shadow Play (7:18)
    David Andrews, piano