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Sound Portraits
Songs by William Vollinger

Cover Design: Ryan Hales

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Catalog Number: CPS-8718
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 55:54
Release Date: 2003

Linda Ferreira, soprano
Anne Thurmond, clarinet
Paul Thurmond, piano


Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Odd tracks 1-17: clarinet intros
    Unaccompanied People
2. Nadine (2:54)
  4. Bach (2:45)
  6. Ed (3:48)
  8. Stella (2:45)
  10. Me (1:54)
12. Some Things That Haydn Said (5:07)
    3 People from Linda's Childhood
  14. Alice (6:08)
  16. Ruth (5:47)
  18. Daddy Verne (8:36)
  19. The Child in the Hole (14:02)



Fanfare - November/December 2003 - by Raymond Beegle

"William Vollinger might be a new name to many. I have known his work for years and believe, after much consideration, that there is genius in it. He generally writes both text and music, each of which seems indissolubly married to the other. There is an alteration within the musical phrase between the spoken and the sung word, reminding us how words can take flight, and how they were, after all, as linguistic scholars tell us, born out of music... With astonishing depth and clarity, by means of a few simple words, Vollinger brings his subjects to life, with a sense of the miraculous hovering about them. In fact the miraculous is the underlying theme of all these works... The obvious self-forgetfulness in Vollinger's works makes his own spiritual depth and sense of wonder all the more apparent. These pieces, performed with much skill and devotion, draw one deftly and forcefully into their own reality. There is simplicity and honesty here. It is a new musical language not born out of a desire to be new, but a desire to be clear and to tell the truth. With all its freshness, it is rooted in our past traditions, felicitously circumventing and the chaos, all the attitudinizing, and intellectualizing, and publicizing, that litter the present musical horizon."

Fanfare - September/October 2004 - John Story

"The overall title of this disc is "Sound Portraits," which calls to mind everything from the series of musical portraits that Virgil Thomson created to things like "Chopin" and "Paganini" from Schumann's Carnaval. As it happens, what we actually have is a series of prose monologues about 10 real people, taken from a variety of points of view, and then set to music by William Vollinger...very well sung by soprano Linda Ferreira...excellent performances and recording."