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A Concert of Music for Voices by Connecticut Composers, Inc.

Design: Canio La Salvo

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Catalog Number: CPS-8710
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 61:18
Release Date: 2002

The Kent Singers
Marguerite Mullée, director

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Allen Brings
    Missa Brevis
  1. Kyrie (3:24)
    Soloists: Emily Elliot, Haidee Freund,
    Jay Crawford-Kelly, Clint Macgowan
  2. Gloria (3:34)
    Stephen Michael Gryc
    Two Poems of Henry David Thoreau
  3. The Autumnal Sun (2:01)
  4. Fog (1:43)
    Sandra Smith Brooks
    Three Vocal Pieces of Stephen Crane
  5. I Saw a Man Pursuing the Horizon (2:45)
  6. There Was a Man with a Tongue of Wood (1:06)
  7. The Wayfarer (2:14)
    Kathleen Stark, alto
    Melissa Moeckles, bassoon
    Sharon Abner, piano
    Howard Rovics
  8. Come, Swan (5:22)
    Elizabeth Lauer
  9. Sigh No More, Ladies (2:55)
    Frank Vasi
  10. Sleighing Song (3:35)
    Sharon Abner, piano
    Elizabeth R. Austin
  11. The Master's Hands (4:02)
    Sharon Abner, piano
    Benjamin Gryk
  12. Adoramus Te, Christe (3:20)
    Elizabeth Lauer
  13. Fear No More (5:06)
    Constance Walton
    Four Little Songs
  14. Little Boy Blue (1:54)
  15. Little Miss Muffet (1:10)
  16. Little Jack Horner (1:02)
17. Twinkle, Little Star (1:35)
    Sharon Abner, piano
    George Lombardo
  18. The Legacy of Caring (2:55)
    Kathleen Stark, alto solo
    Ken Steen
  19. Along Some Distant Day (10:58)
    Patricia Hochstetter, Lisa Lansing-Simont,
    Jay Crawford-Kelly, Clint Macgowan
    Sharon Abner, organ



Fanfare - June/July 2004 - by John Story

"Connecticut Composer, Inc. is an organization of composers who currently live either in the state or who have lived there at some point. It now numbers around 40 members. This is the second release to feature works by members of the group. With the exception of Sandra Smith Brooks's three-song cycle for alto, bassoon, and piano, Three Vocal Pieces on Poems by Stephen Crane, all the music heard here is for chorus of one sort or another. The music tends to come down on the conservative end of the spectrum, but it is by no means easy to sing, and the Kent Singers under their directory, Marguerite Mullee, do the music proud.

Space precludes a detailed description of each piece, but it is not unreasonable to say there is nearly something for everyone, ranging from the acerbic Missa brevis by Allen Brings to the lush tonal works of Howard Rovics and the aforementioned song set by Smith Brooks, all well performed and very much worth hearing. I was also particularly taken with Elizabeth Lauer's setting of "Ladies Sigh No More" from Much Ado about Nothing, which reveals the marvelous setting by Thomas Arne in capturing the joyous mayhem of the play. Indeed, this is one of the few recitals of unfamiliar music by many composers where there is not a dud in the mix.

The recording is very good when it comes to the chorus, which has great clarity and impact. Their words are remarkably clear and the included texts are not necessary for comprehension. Oddly enough, the recording of the instruments (and solo voice in the Smith Brooks) is much less successful, having a kind of overly resonant watery ambience. Realistically, the format of a mixed recital by an unknown group of singers singing largely unfamiliar music is going to have a self-limited market, which is genuinely a shame. This is definitely worth knowing."