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Who Might Sing in All the Muted Woods

Cover Art: Ellen Mandelbaum
Design: Georgine Ingber

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Catalog Number: CPS-8703
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 54:48
Release Date: 2002

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  I Journey Back
  Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay
  1. Sonnet XLVI (with Interlude) (4:26)
  2. Sonnet XLVIII (4:01)
  3. Sonnet L (with Interlude) (4:29)
4. Sonnet LI (3:14)
  5. Sonnet LII (3:40)
  Joel Mandelbuam, piano
  Light and Shade
  Poems of Susan Fox
  6. Shadows (3:16)
  7. Clava (2:20)
  8. What the Greek Sun Did to Me (1:49)
  9. Cluny Unicorn Tapestries (8:40)
  Diane Lesser, oboe and English horn
  Joel Mandelbaum, piano
  A Wind of Fall
  Poems of Léonie Adams
  10. The Horn (3:29)
  11. Twilit Revelation (5:00)
  12. A Wind of Fall (3:23)
13. Twilight of the Wood (3:53)
    Katie Franklin, piano



American Record Guide - by Sullivan

"This is the recording debut of American composer Joel Mandelbaum, who in the past has only had individual pieces on CD. It's about time he had his own show: a student of Copland, Fine and Piston, he is one of the last avatars of the mid-century composers who defined American classical sound. Like his mentors, his music has open harmonies, rhythmic punch, and a sense of freshness and spaciousness.

I remember his piano music as elegant and enjoyable, and so are these three song cycles from the 1970s and 80s, based on poems by Edna St Vincent Millay, Susan Fox, and Leonie Adams. The language is thoroughly tonal, and this composer is a beneficiary of the recent swing towards tonality. Erika Sunnegardh's voice is big and vivid—perhaps too much so for some of these spare, understated songs—but she makes a strong case for them overall."