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The Truth About Love

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Catalog Number: CPS-8702
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 66:35
Release Date: 2002

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Benjamin Britten
  1. Let the Florid Music Praise (from "On This Island) (4:44)
    Igor Stravinsky
  2. Here I Stand (from "The Rake's Progress") (2:58)
    Russell Smith
  3. Epitaph on a Tyrant (1:43)
    Lisa de Spain
  4. Their Lonely Betters (2:13)
  5. We're Late (1:44)
    Joyce Suskind
  6. The More Loving One (2:50)
    Don Hagar
  7. Leap Before You Look (3:13)
    Binnette Lipper
  8. As I Walked Out One Evening (7:27)
    W. A. Mozart
  9. Pamina/Papageno duet (from "The Magic Flute") (3:22)
    Don Stratton
  10. Musee des Beaux Arts (5:20)
    Samuel Barber
  11. The Monk and His Cat (2:33)
    Beth Anderson
  12. Lullaby (2:24)
    John Lessard
  13. I Cannot Grow (from "Song for St. Cecilia's Day") (1:31)
    Ned Norem
14. Stop All the Clocks (from "Posems of Love and the Rain") (2:00)
    Hans W. Henze
  15. On a Forest Footpath (from "The Bassarids") (2:31)
    Benjamin Britten
  16. Tell Me the Truth About Love (6:14)
  17. Underneath the Abject Willow (2:23)



New Music Connoisseur - Spring/Summer, 2004 - by Melanie Mitrano

"Wystan Hugh Auden is perhaps one of the best-known English poets of the 20th century. His texts, with their intrinsic musicality, have captivated song composers for decades. 'The Truth About Love' is a collection of seventeen songs, all featuring the words of Auden set by modern American, English, German and Russian composers.

The performers, soprano Nancy Ellen Ogle and tenor Francis John Vogt, are both professors at the University of Maine. Ably supported at the piano by Ginger Yang Hwalek, the singers share two duets among a mixture of solo songs. Narrator John Burns provides valuable and well-researched information in spoken program notes which appear at intervals throughout the disc....

There are two notable songs by composer Lisa De Spain, which stand out among the others for their fresh and original sound. Likewise are the appealing songs by Don Hagar and Binnette Lipper. There is the welcome addition of clarinetist Beth Wiemann and flutist Liz Downing to a song entitled "Musee des beaux arts" by Don Stratton. Here, instrumental passages alternate with acapella vocal sections, adding a nice bit of variety to the mix. Perhaps the most beautiful piece on the CD, however, is a song by Beth Anderson entitled "Lullaby." It is one of those lush and floating songs that has the ability to transport the listener to sheer heaven...."