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Turning to the Center
Songs for Baritone, Clarinet, and Keyboards by PHILLIP SCHROEDER

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Catalog Number: CPS-8699
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 50:55
Release Date: 2002

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  An Offering
  For Baritone, Clarinet, and Piano
  Poems by Walt Whitman
1. Offerings (1:03)
  2. Beautiful Women (0:41)
  3. O You Whom I Often and Silently Come (1:33)
  4. O You Whom I Often and Silently Come (1:33)
  5. To Old Age (1:15)
  From Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar
  For Baritone, Clarinet, and Piano
  Texts by Mark Twain
  6. Introduction: It is by the goodness of God (0:37)
7. Set One: (2:50)
     When in doubt
     One of the most
     Let us be thankful
  8. Interlude I: In the first place (0:27)
  9. Set Two: (4:08)
     We should be careful
     Man is the only animal
     Nature made the locust
  10. Interlude II: (0:17)
     Noise proves nothing
     The holy passion
     Nothing so needs reforming
     She was not quite
  Turning to the Center
  For Baritone/Percussion, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet,
    Synthesizer, and Sound System
  Poems by Rumi
12. Prelude (2:26)
13. You have said (3:21)
  14. A secret turning in us (1:36)
  15. This moment is love (4:06)
  16. Keep walking (2:51)
  17. Walk to the well (2:22)
  18. No better love (2:04)
  19. I am so small (2:51)
  20. The sun is love (2:02)
  21. I have lived (2:25)
  22. I stand up (2:03)
  23. Dance (2:41)
  24. Something opens our wings (1:34)
    Robert Best, baritone & percussion
    Tamara Raatz, clarinet & bass clarinet
    Phillip Schroeder, piano & synthesizer