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Cover Art: Ed Schell

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Catalog Number: CPS-8697
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 72:01
Release Date: 2001

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  1. Breakpoint Screamer (7:01)
  Ensemble Screamer
  Michael Ewald, trumpet
  Salvatore Percoco, trumpet
  Charles Saenz, trumpet
  James Zingara trumpet
  Kevin Vos, trumpet
  Zack Browning, conductor
  2. Trilimital Adversary: Cold Cuts (9:35)
  MFL Quartet
  Salvatore Percoco, trumpet
  Mei-Fang Lin, piano
  Joshua Walden, electric bass
  Jeff Magby, drumset
  3. Sole Injection (10:00)
  Brona Cahill, violin
  4. Black Notes (5:16)
  Taimur Sullivan, alto saxophone
5. Banjaxed (13:34)
  The Crash Ensemble
  Natasha Lohan, voice
  Brona Cahill, violin
  John Godfrey, piano
  Kieran Phillips, drumset
  6. Network Slammer (9:09)
  Camilla Hoitenga, flute
  7. Impact Addiction (8:33)
  The Crash Ensemble
  Brona Cahill, violin
  John Godfrey, piano
  Kieran Phillips, drumset
  8. GridRock
  The University of Illinois Trombone Ensemble
  Eliza Feller, Barry Hearn
  David Herring, Jerry Hou
  Peter Madsen, Mark Rabideau
  Jason Schmink, Michael Smith
  Nathan Suh, Sean Timmons
  Rocco Quaranta, Steve Wilson
  Elliot Chasanov, conductor