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Society of Composers, Inc.

Cover Design: Gerald Warfield & Richard Brooks

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Catalog Number: CPS-8690
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 67:05
Release Date: 2001

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  James Curnow
On Poems of John Keats
1. On the Grasshopper and Cricket (3:10)
2. O Solitude! (4:44)
3. Fancy (3:42)
The Lenore String Quartet
  Daniel Mason, Margaret Bashkin-Karp, violins
Dorotea Vismura Hoffman, viola
  Benjamin Karp, cello
  Lori Dobbins
4. Sketches for Silvano (6:39)
  Judi Silvano, soprano
  Mark Belair, percussion
  Keith Kothman
  Surface Inventions
  5. I. Mobile (3:06)
  6. II. Persistent (1:24)
  7. III. With Restraint (2:13)
  8. IV. Mercurial (1:24)
  9. V. Extremely Subdued (2:26)
  10. VI. Frenzied (2:47)
  Daniel Koppelman, piano
  Steven Everett
  11. Another Reunion (15:53)
  Thamyris New Music Ensemble
  Cheryl Boyd-Waddell, soprano
  Paul Brittan, alto flute
  Ted Gurch, clarinet
  Jun-Ching Lin, violin
  Craig Hultgren, cello
  Laura Gordy, piano
  Steven Everett, conductor
  Chihchun Chi-sun Lee
12. Liam-Hiong (7:33)
  Chen-Ming Huang, Erhu (Da-Kuan-Hsien,
       Ban-hu, Chu-di, Jao-Pa, and Chinese wood blocks)
  Chung-Hsien Wu, Dizi (Hsiao, Bang-di,
       Chu-di, Jao-Pa and Chinese hand cymbals)
  Hui-Kuan Lin, Pipa
  Shu-Fen Lee, Yang-Chin and Dan-Pi-Ku (single-headed drum)
  Hsin-Hui Chen, Ku-Cheng and Hsiao-Luo (small gong)
  Ching-I Hsu, Liu-Chin
  Paul Rudy
  13. ...and every island and mountain were moved from their place... (10:58)
  Jack Sutte, trumpet

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