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90's Time Flow

Cover Art: Osie L. Johnson, Jr.

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Catalog Number: CPS-8683
Audio Format: Digital Stereo
Playing Time: 64:52
Release Date: 2000

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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1. Allegro for wind quintet (4:49)
    The Northwind Quintet
    Roberta Huff, flute
    Tom Barry, oboe
    Jack Graham, clarinet
    Tom Tritle, horn
    David Rachor, bassoon
  2. Dance and Dream Sequence (6:29)
    Todd Seelye, guitar
  String Trio
  3. 1st Movement (3:50)
4. 2nd Movement (3:51)
  5. 3rd Movement (7:53)
    The Concordia String Trio
    Marcia Henry, violin
    Leslie Perna, viola
    Darry Dolezal, cello
  6. March and Serenade (5:14)
    Christopher Schmitz, trombone
    Lee Schmitz, piano
  7. Spiritual Excursion (7:59)
    Leslie Perna, viola
    Randy Hogancamp, vibraphone
    Eric Schmitz, timpani
  Basson Trio
  8. 1st Movement (2:21)
  9. 2nd Movement (3:08)
  10. 3rd Movement (5:31)
    David Rachor
    Franck LeBlois
    Florin Loghin
  11. Song and Dance (12:12)
    Therese Fetter, violin
    Randy Hogancamp, marimba
  12. Love in the Western World (1:33)
    Leslie Morgan, soprano
    Robin Guy, piano



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