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"Cultivated Choruses"

Cover Design: Catherine Gressel

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Catalog Number: CPS-8674
Audio Format: Digital Stereo
Playing Time: 57:32
Release Date: 2000

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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Orlando Jacinto Garcia
1. Celebramos (7:56)
Florida International University Concert Choir
John Augenblick, conductor
Karen Tarlow
2-6. Five Shaker Lyrics (8:05)
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Chamber Choir
E. Wayne Abercrombie, director
Milton Babbitt
7-9. Three Cultivated Choruses (3:04)
New York Virtuosi Singers
Harold Rosenbaum, conductor
Lansing McLoskey
10. Non avrá ma' pietá/Quando con gran tempesta/Non vivam ultra (3:52)
Clamores Antiqui
Lansing McLoskey, director
Carolann Buff, mezzo-soprano
Agnieska Lehman, alto
Temmo Korisheli, tenor
Lansing McLoskey, tenor
Cedric Berry, bass
Maz Mendez, bass
Zae Munn
Five Animal Songs (17:25)
11. I. Mouse, Shrew, Vole (1:46)
12. II. Bird (5:26)
13. III. Merry-go-round (4:56)
14. IV. Horses (3:16)
15. V. Mice (2:35)
Otterbein Vocal Ensemble
Craig Johnson, conductor
Brad Blackham, piano
Phillip Schroeder
16. Lux aeterna (7:20)
The Alpha Choir
Phillip Schroeder, conductor
Frank LaRocca
17. Exaudi (7:50)
University Singers
David Stein, director


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American Record Guide - November/December 2001 - by Greenfield

"Works on this diverse program run the gamut from pretty classy to "Isn't this thing over yet?" University of Massachusetts composer Karen Turlow's Five Shaker Lyrics are lovely echoes of the clarity and simplicity of that musical idiom. (Only one of the five is based on a preexisting Shaker melody. The rest she created.) Frank LaRocca's Exaudi is quite beautiful, and there's deft writing as well as nice poetry in Zae Munn's Animal Songs. There are some affecting sonorities in Lansing McLoskey's madrigal set as well.

Milton Babbitt's nasty, dissonant Cultivated Choruses and Jacinto Garcia's uneventful Celebramos were the ones that had me checking my watch most often. Most of the performances are pretty good, though lousy sound often gets in the way. Several were recorded in concert, complete with coughs, rustles, whacks, and bumps that don't help the music one bit. LaRocca's Exaudi fares best. Phillip Schroeder's Lux Aeterna, on the other hand, gets clobbered by poor sonics. You can sense the luminous effects the composer was after in the writing, but the blatty, close-up sound eliminates most expressive nuances. Consonants wind up sounding like percussive swipes on a cymbal. (The composers served as recording engineers on the two pieces that wound up sounding the worst. Do we sense a pattern here?)

Releases like this can serve as an informative round-up of what's new musically in academia and beyond, but for the general record-buying public to be interested, the quality control division over at the Society of Composers will have to place itself on a higher state of alert."