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Cover Design: "decker" by P. Inman

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Catalog Number: CPS-8669
Audio Format: Digital Stereo
Playing Time: 68:11
Release Date: 1999

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  Wesley Fuller
  A Solace of Ripe Plums

five songs for medium voice and piano

  1. (4:59)


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  4. (4:49)
  5. (1:09)
  6. (1:51)
  Joe Dan Harper, baritone
  Jacques Linder, piano
  Shirish Korde
  Drowned Woman of the Sky
  four songs for soprano and chamber ensemble
  7. (3:56)
  8. (4:59)
  9. (3:28)
  10. (9:18)
  The New England Contemporary Ensemble
  John Heiss, conductor
  Elizabeth Keusch, soprano
  Ruti Machnai, cello
  Siguergeir Agnarsson, cello
  Tahirah Whittington, cello
  Christopher Dechiara, percussion
  John Spirtas, percussion
  James Dashow
  11. Second Voyage (18:02)
  for tenor and tape
  George Shirley, tenor
  Thomas DeLio
  12. "decker" (8:30)
  for tape