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James Dashow

Cover Photo: Barry Mansell

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Catalog Number: CPS-8659
Audio Format: Stereo, DDD
Playing Time: 65:37
Release Date: 1998

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    A Sheaf of Times, septet
Part I (10:29)
Part II (3:08)
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  3. Part III (5:25)
    HELIX! New Music Ensemble (Rutgers University)
    Paul Hoffmann, conductor
    Michael Locati, violin
    Jeanne Jaubert, cello
    Christine Hansen, flutes
    Christopher Sumner, clarinets
    Gregg Giannascoli, percussion
    Fran Snyder, harp
    Lynn Raley, piano
  4. Oro, Argento & Legno, for flute and computer (17:15)
    Manuel Zurria, flute, alto flute, piccolo
  5. Ashbery Setting (26:20)
    Lisa Pierce, soprano
    Jayn Rosenfeld, flute
    James Winn, piano



21st Century Music - June 2002 - by Mark Alburger

Three owls stare out from the cover of James Dashow's Music for Small Ensembles, and sure enough, within, the music is wise and mysterious. This post-serialist is about color and contrast, and the demands made on the listener are akin to those made by Boulez and Stockhausen. If there are few stylistic surprises there are many performance rewards in these committed readings by Helix! in the septet A Sheaf of Times, and flutist Manuel Zurria (with computer accompaniment) in Oro, Argento, & Legno. The latter refers to a soloist's gold flute, silver alto flute, and wooden piccolo. The work is in the tradition of Mario Davidovsky's Synchronisms in its interrelationships between acoustic and electronic sounds.

The New York New Music Ensemble is heard as the fine trio of flutist Jayn Rosenfeld, soprano Lisa Pierce, and pianist James Winn for Ashbery Settings.