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"Grand Designs"

Cover Design: Gerald Warfield & Richard Brooks

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Catalog Number: CPS-8639
Audio Format: Stereo, DDD
Playing Time: 62:46
Release Date: 1997

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Charles Argersinger
Concerto for Piano (9:38)
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    David Schrader, piano
    Members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the
Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago
    Clifford Colnot, conductor
    Daniel McCarthy
  2. Harmonizer (9:44)
    Roger Zahab, violin
    Emilio Mendoza
  3. RainForest (8:16)
    Juan José Pérez, turtle shell
    Carlos Arias, woodblocks
    Militza Nuñez, maracas
    Gwinnever Graci, claves
    Julio Cegarra, agogo bell
    Alfredo Rugeles, conductor
    Laura Elise Schwendinger
  4. Chamber Concerto (16:10)
    Donald Berman, piano
    Theodore Antoniou, conductor
    James Lentini
  5. Music for Brass (5:15)
    The Michigan State University Brass Ensemble
    Stanley, E. DeRusha, conductor
    Brian Bevelander
  6. Synthecisms No. 4 (15:43)
    Philip Mead and Stephen Gutman, piano
    Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
    Soren Hansen, conductor

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Detroit News/Free Press - January 11, 1998 - by Mark Stryker

"While high-profile composers affiliated with the University of Michigan – William Bolcom, Bright Sheng, Michael Daugherty – grab most of the ink, other local composers deserve attention, too. Start with Detroit native, James Lentini, associate professor of music at Wayne State University. Newly recorded, "Dreamscape" is a seven-minute fantasy for orchestra and "Music for Brass a five-minute miniature for 11 pieces. The former displays Lentini’s skill as a colorist, with gauzy wind pastels balanced by Technicolor outbursts of brass, icy strings, booming percussion and warbling chimes. Both works sound tonal but dissonant, with tension and release juggled deftly in compact structures. Lentini knows where he’s going, and it’s worth the trip."


Turok’s Choice - by Paul Turok

"Three discs present music by members of the "Society of Composers." Most teach, and with performances from many a provenance and in varying states of sonic balance, the discs undoubtedly represent part of the "publish or perish" syndrome. One contains songs (with varied instrumental combinations) by Dinos Constantinides, Elizabeth Lauer and others – undistinguished, but not embarrassing (CPS-8632). The other presents a sprightly chamber concerto (for piano) by Charles Argersinger and an extremely imaginative handling of violin and taped sounds, Harmonizer, by Daniel McCarthy, along with less successful efforts by others (CPS-8639). An ambitious project offers orchestral works by Richard Brooks, Elizabeth Austin and F. DiArta-Angeli (CPS-8634). All open promisingly, but turn lugubrious. None finishes convincingly."