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Time Chants

Cover Design: Jennifer Spoon

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Catalog Number: CPS-8624
Audio Format: Stereo, DDD
Playing Time: 72:27
Release Date: 1995

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  1. Computer Data Track
Time Chants I
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  3. Flautus Aeterna
  4. Synapse
  5. For Every Season
  6. Time Chants II
    for piano and digital delay
    Caryl Conger, piano
    Bruce Mahin, electronic wind instrument
    Jennifer Spoon, visuals and animation


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Twentieth Century Music - February 1999 - by Phillip George

"Bruce Mahin's Time Chants release on Capstone shares one aspect with early Babbitt: a concern for structure over timbre. The opening Time Chants I. Los Angeles is a well-constructed essay for those that can get beyond the somewhat generic synthesized sounds, particularly the synthetic flute which lies at the heart of Flautus Aeterna, Synapse, and For Every Season. Mahin has not only updated Davidovsky's interplay of live and mechanical components, but worked with his electronic wind instrument in a manner similar to Max Mathews's radio baton, or the kind of triggered pianism utilized by David Jaffe and Todd Machover. Time Chants II. Monhegan Island, August1992 features the welcome addition of pianist Caryl Conger.

The CD is also playable as a CD ROM, with visuals and animation by Jennifer Spoon, for those possessing an Apple Macintosh -030 (25MHZ) processor, 6MB RAM free, 8 MB hard disk free, 13-inch monitor, 256 colors, System 7.1 or later, 300 KB CD-ROM drive."